Guilty Gear Strive pushed back to early 2021

The smell of the game is fading.

Screengrab via Arc System Works

The next installment of Guilty Gear has been delayed due to setbacks induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Takeshi Yamanaka, the producer of Guilty Gear Strive, confirmed last night that the fighting game’s release will be postponed until early 2021.

Yamanaka cited the difficulties Arc System Works has dealt with due to the coronavirus and said “every aspect of [ArcSys’] development schedule has faced delays.”

Furthermore, the producer said the company will use this additional time to upgrade and refine the final product in accordance with “everyone’s help and feedback from the recent closed beta test.”

Guilty Gear Strive‘s closed beta test was notably bumpy, with several users reporting connection issues and crashes, along with complaints about the delay-based netcode and outdated lobby system.

Fortunately, at least one of those problems will be rectified with ArcSys implementing rollback netcode for Guilty Gear Strive.

For now, fans can check out ArcSys’ official starter guides for seven out of the nine officially-revealed characters for Guilty Gear. If it wasn’t already part of your daily routine, you can also rock out to “Smell of the Game” and scream “that is bullshit” at the top of your lungs.