Golden Guardians to host The Octagon, a Super Smash Bros. Melee charity showcase

They're duking it out for charity and bragging rights.

Screengrab via Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians is putting together a special Super Smash Bros. Melee showcase event that will double as a charity tournament for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Titled The Octagon, the main event will be a $1,000 money match between GG’s Zain and Cloud9’s Mang0 on June 20. 

Set to begin at 7pm CT, the event is being advertised as “the premiere netplay event,” and will feature a roster of Melee’s heavyweights to showcase the highest level of the game. A full roster has not been shown yet, but based on the banners and both Zain and Mang0 competing, it will likely be focused just on top tier players. 

The entire event will be held on one night, so the roster will have to be limited if it is going to fit that timeframe. 

The money match between Zain and Mang0 has some shades of old Salty Suit faceoffs, but the two are close friends and frequently stream together, so the bad blood won’t be the main narrative. We might even see Zain pull out his Roy and try to force some shenanigans on stream, but either way it should be a high-quality main event. 

Undercard matches could include some type of Crew Battle featuring players on the west coast playing against the east coast, though something more localized to NorCal vs. Virginia might be more likely. 

GG is hosting the entire event on the organization’s Twitch channel, but details about a full bracket and any broadcast talent has not been revealed yet. The team has also said that all proceeds from the event will be going toward helping support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, with the organization matching the first $5,000 in donations. 

All of the action will kick-off at 7pm CT on June 20, so get your popcorn ready for some intense Melee action.