Genesis 7 live results and standings

Prepare to see some top level Smash.

Photo by Li Hoang via Genesis

Super Major Super Smash Bros. tournaments always bring out the best competition for the Melee and Ultimate competitive scenes. Genesis 7 is not only the start of the Melee season, but also the 2020 debut for Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez on the Ultimate side. 

With doubles and singles brackets for both games and enough side events to fill out another tournament, it might be a bit hard to keep track of all of the final placements. 

So as the brackets continue to develop on both sides, here is an updating list of standings for each of the four major events. Though the prize pool total for each portion of the tournament is still unknown, those numbers will be added once the entirety of Genesis 7 has concluded following the Ultimate grand finals later tonight. 

Melee Singles

First Zain NaghmiTBD
Second Juan “Hungrybox” DebiedmaTBD
ThirdJoseph “Mango” MarquezTBD
FourthAziz “Hax” Al-YamiTBD
FifthShephard “Fiction” LimaTBD
FifthWilliam “Leffen” HjelteTBD
SeventhEdgard “n0ne” ShelebyTBD
SeventhDaJuan “Shroomed” McDanielTBD

Ultimate Singles

First Tyler “Marss” MartinsTBD
Second Leonardo “MKLeo” LopezTBD
ThirdEzra “Samsora” MorrisTBD
FourthEric “ESAM” LewTBD
FifthEnrique “Maister” Hernández SolísTBD
FifthRasheen “Dark Wizzy” RoseTBD
SeventhWilliam “Glutonny” BelaidTBD
SeventhParis “Light” RamirezTBD

Melee Doubles

PlacePlayer OnePlayer TwoPrize
First Jason “Mew2King” ZimmermanJustin “Plup” McGrathTBD
Second Kevin “PewPewU” ToyZachary “SFAT” CordoniTBD
ThirdKristian “Rocky” CruzJoseph “Azel” ResplandorTBD
FourthRalph ArroyoBinyan “Darkatma” LinTBD
FifthShephard “Fiction” LimaCody “iBDW” SchwabTBD
FifthJuan “Hungrybox” DebiedmaZain NaghmiTBD
SeventhJohnny “S2J” KimDaJuan “Shroomed” McDanielTBD
SeventhAvery “Ginger” WilsonSteven “FatGoku” CallopyTBD

Ultimate Doubles

PlacePlayer OnePlayer TwoPrize
First Paris “Light” RamirezTyler “Marss” MartinsTBD
Second Leonardo “MKLeo” LopezWilliam “Glutonny” BelaidTBD
ThirdRasheen “Dark Wizzy” RoseNairoby “Nairo” Quezada TBD
FourthArturo “Joker” OchoaHector “Meme” CardenasTBD
FifthEzra “Samsora” MorrisGavin “Tweek” DempseyTBD
FifthMatt “Elegant” FitzpatrickGuillermo “Stroder” Martinez Jr. TBD
SeventhAntony “Mute Ace” HooPedro “Prodigy” AlonsoTBD
SeventhEric “ESAM” LewJestise “MVD” NegronTBD