Faust looks even crazier in new Guilty Gear Strive trailer

This treatment seems untested.

Screengrab via Arc System Works

Faust is one of the more outlandish characters from the Guilty Gear series, but his newest look in Guilty Gear Strive suggests his insanity has taken him to a completely new level. 

The former doctor seems to carry over some of his signature movements. But instead of looking like his previous iterations, Faust looks like he came right out of prison to join the fight. His damaged doctor’s outfit just adds to the feeling that Faust is even less put together than before. 

The animations for all of Faust’s moves in the trailer look slowed down slightly to emphasize both the detail put into them and to show off just what each move does. Most of his normal hits send his opponents up into the air instead of letting them fall normally, which Arc System Works likely wanted to make sure fans saw. 

That could be a deeper look at what the combo system in the full release of Strive will be: The finer systems are refined because a lot of the moves hit differently than they did in the early demo builds of the game. 

Faust still has all of his weird and cartoon-like movements, leading into moves where he literally eats his opponent and then creates a rift in time and space to bring them back to the battlefield. His gameplay looks like it will perfectly fit with the playstyle of anyone who likes using the madman, but depending on how the combo follow-ups work, we will see how viable he becomes. 

On top of the deeper look at Faust, we also got another awesome music track that we can look forward to in the full game and a new meme in the form of other Guilty Gear characters with afros. 

The end of the trailer also confirmed that we will be getting at least a few new trailers in the coming months, with both the Brussels Challenge and Final Round mentioned at the end. Both of those tournaments begin on Mar. 20, so it might just be one trailer shared at two different events, but either way, we’ll get a look at a new character. 

There’ll also be a playable demo available for players at EVO Japan on Jan. 24 and Japan Amusement Expo on Feb. 8, so expect some more content coming out with impressions of what changes have been made as development moves along.