Explosive themed event coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Score yourself some new spirits.

Image via Nintendo

Get ready for a bang in the upcoming limited-time mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed around fighters with explosive capabilities.

In this three-day event, which begins on Friday, April 16, players will have the opportunity to compete in a tournament using only explosive items and the fighters who have mastered them.

These fighters include MegaMan, Link, Duck Hunt, Minecraft Steeve, and Inkling.

As players earn victories during this event, they will be awarded new spirits to add to their collection. While there are no new spirits introduced in this event, players should keep a close eye on the spirit board as, during last week’s Super Mario 3D world-themed spirit event, there were three new additions to the game.

Spirit events will alternate every Friday with a new theme. If you plan on taking part in this event it will run from April 16 through to 19.