Eleven will reportedly be Street Fighter V’s final character

A little earlier than expected.

Screengrab via Capcom

Street Fighter V‘s latest character might have been accidentally revealed by Twitch in the lead-up to the fighting game’s Winter Update stream.

An email from Twitch describing the Winter Update broadcast was acquired by Kotaku. When the streaming platform notified its users, it wrote that the Winter Update will be “featuring an exclusive look at the newest character, Eleven.”

Eleven will likely be the final playable character for 2015’s SFV. Last May, developers Capcom wrote that the game’s fifth season will be its last and committed to releasing five new characters to bring SFV‘s final roster count to 45. Capcom released a season five roadmap in August 2020, revealing four characters: Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama from Rival Schools.

Eleven already has an appearance in SFV as an NPC, playing a bit role in Urien’s character story. It’s a shapeshifting humanoid and a prototype to Street Fighter III: Third Strike‘s Twelve.

Aside from Eleven’s potential announcement, the Winter Update stream is set to reveal a new gameplay mechanic, competitive circuit news, and Dan’s release date. The broadcast is scheduled to take place today at 11am CT, live on Capcom’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.