Does MultiVersus have local online co-op play?

Some players may be interested in this way of playing online with their friends.

Image via Warner Bros. Games | Remixed by Cale Michael

The open beta for Warner Brothers’ MultiVersus, their entrance to the 2D fighting game genre, has surpassed hundreds of thousands of players looking to fight as and alongside their favorite characters.

MultiVersus’ unique focus on two-versus-two gameplay has piqued the interest of fans across the fighting game community, bringing a focus to teamwork between players rather than a simple one-versus-one brawl. This may make fans wonder if they are capable of playing the open beta of the title with their friends rather than with random players online.

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Is there local online co-op in MultiVersus?

Fans may have noticed a variety of streamers partaking in co-op games with one another during the closed beta using online play. However, some fans may be interested in playing online with their friends while together in the same room.

Unfortunately, MultiVersus only currently supports online co-op with users connecting via their WB accounts on their system of choice. While there is cross-play between systems, there is no available way for players in the same room to share a screen and play online with one another.

However, the game does have a traditional local play mode, accessed via clicking “Play” and then the “Custom” tab at the top of the screen. Here, up to four players can choose their rulesets and stages, as well as any character—regardless if they have unlocked the character or not. These characters do not unlock automatically for online play.

It is unclear if Warner Bros. will add a local online co-op to MultiVersus in the future of the open beta or at launch, but it’s always possible.