Capcom reveals new fighter for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Oro and Akira to release on Aug. 16

Luke will be the final addition to the SFV roster.

Image via Capcom

Capcom gave fans exactly what they wanted to see during the Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021, sharing the release dates for Oro and Akira, showing off Tournament Mode, and revealing the fifth and final DLC character that will be added to the game as part of Season Five. 

Starting with that new character, the Street Fighter team has created an entirely new character that will be making his debut in the franchise, Luke. Capcom didn’t reveal much about the 45 fighters that will be joining the SFV roster, but SFV’s producer Shuhei Matsumoto noted that the team feels like he will be a “great addition to the game,” and the reveal trailer also said that Luke will be a “key player in the future of Street Fighter.” He is scheduled to release sometime in November. 

Oro and Akira both received gameplay deep dives during the showcase. Oro will be up to his usual tricks, with similar skills to his Street Fighter III iteration, including the Onibi, a projectile that will follow a mountainous trajectory and allow the hermit to use it as a shield to approach his enemies. 

Akira is more straightforward, with a playstyle centered on air combos and keeping opponents on their toes. Capcom has put some limitations to keep the air juggles from lasting too long, but the Rivals School representative still looks very strong. 

Both Oro and Akira will launch for SFV: Champion Edition on Aug. 16, along with an update to Tournament Mode that looks to improve the feature. 

Guile and Cammy will also be crossing over into Fortnite on Aug. 7, with new costumes, emotes, and items available to players who want to pick them up. A special Cammy Cup Duos competition will run on Aug. 5 to commemorate the crossover and give players a chance to unlock some of the items early.