Capcom cancels Capcom Cup 2020

Rising COVID-19 cases led to the event being scrapped.

Screengrab via Capcom

Despite months of qualifiers, fan voting, and other competitions, Capcom officially canceled Cacpcom Cup 2020 today. It’ll be replaced with an online tournament featuring the best players in the world who would have competed at the event. 

This decision was made after the esports team at Capcom reevaluated the global health climate amid rising cases of COVID-19 complicating travel.

Originally, both Capcom Cup and the Street Fighter League World Championship were going to be held from Feb. 19 to 21 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. In its place, an online-only Season Final is being finalized for a similar time frame. 

“All players who won an online premier will be invited to participate in the final and we are in the process of reaching out to all eligible players to secure their participation,” Capcom said. 

The company promises that updated details will be posted to the official Capcom Pro Tour website in the coming weeks once all of the pieces for the event come together ahead of the old tournament dates.

“We’d like to thank the fans, players, and FGC for supporting Capcom Pro Tour through a challenging season,” Capcom said. “The community deserves a platform to celebrate their persistence in a challenging year, so our goal is to deliver that on February 20th and 21st across the Capcom Fighters network.”