Capcom announces return to physical competition with hybrid Capcom Pro Tour 2022 format

The CPT returns in April with a hybrid format and new features.

Screengrab via Capcom

Right as what seems to be the final update for Street Fighter V launches, Capcom has released initial details for the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) 2022. This includes a return to offline events for the first time in two years, as well as online events and the new World Warrior program. 

Leading up to Capcom Cup IX, which will feature a total of 48 players, the CPT will be run as a hybrid Street Fighter circuit with Online and Offline Premiers.

Throughout 2022, Capcom will run 19 online regional premiers across 19 territories, with each event being region-locked. The winner of those events will automatically qualify for Capcom Cup, while the top four finalists split a prize pool of $5,000. 

Image via Capcom

The CPT will also return to offline events by way of existing fighting game community (FGC) Majors. These select competitions will be included on the official CPT 2022 circuit and the winner of each event will automatically qualify for Capcom Cup. 

However, in response to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Capcom is following the International Olympic Committee’s principles on integrity, fairness, and safety by excluding Russia and Belarus from the CPT 2022 lineup of Online Premiers until further notice. Further details and rules for both online and offline competitions will be shared at a later date. 

The last new addition to this hybrid CPT lineup is the World Warrior program, which Capcom has noted can be online or offline “as the situation permits.”

Players who participate in the World Warrior program will be able to rack up points on a regional leaderboard by participating in local events. A set number of winners from each region who top those leaderboards will earn a spot at Capcom Cup, with more details to be shared soon. 

CPT 2022 begins on April 30 with the North America West Online Premier, and you can view a full schedule of Street Fighter events on the Capcom Pro Tour website.