Can you use PS4 fight sticks, DualShock 4, and older controllers for Guilty Gear Strive on PS5?

Depending on your preference, you could be set right away.

Image via Arc System Works

Fight Sticks are a staple of fighting games, regardless of the platform they are played on. However, since Guilty Gear Strive is one of the first major fighting games being released with a PlayStation 5 version, things might get a little tricky for players who want to use their old hardware. 

If you plan on playing GGST on PlayStation 4 or PC, you should be more than fine using your current controllers or fight sticks, it is only the PS5 version that has players majorly stumped. 

If you have downloaded GGST to your PS5, it is highly likely that you have downloaded the PS5 version of the game to your system. This won’t cause any problems with the game itself, but this does limit your controller options somewhat.

If you are playing the PS5 version of GGST, you will essentially be forced to use the DuelSense controller, unless you have an updated fight stick or other peripheral that works directly with PS5 software. This is due to the newer software not being compatible with older software used to run some fight sticks or DualShock 4 controllers. 

However, many fight sticks from the PS4 era will still work with the PS5 version of GGST. You will need to test your specific model of controller to ensure this is the case, but there are plenty of resources available to see which peripherals have the best chance at being compatible. 

If your fight stick doesn’t work or you prefer using the DualShock 4, for now, the only work around to this is by going into the PlayStation Store and specifically downloading the PS4 version of GGST. Doing this should let you use DualShock 4 controllers, other PS4 fight sticks, and some even older peripherals with GGST, as long as the PS5 system doesn’t specifically reject the controller for some reason. 

This will be an entirely separate file to the PS5 version of the game and could cause issues with your save file, so make sure to test things first before you get too far in Mission mode or online ranked matches.