Beyond the Summit has canceled all physical Smash events for 2020

Three more Smash tournaments have been cut.

Screengrab via Beyond the Summit

Beyond the Summit was supposed to host four separate Super Smash Bros. tournaments during 2020, but because of COVID-19, the tournament organizer has had to take a massive step back. 

Following the continued health concerns brought on by the global pandemic, Smash Ultimate Summit 3, Mainstage 2, and Crossover Summit have all officially been canceled. 

This wave of cancelations essentially clears out the 2020 calendar of any scheduled Smash events that already had confirmed dates. It also leaves Smash Summit 9 as the only BTS Smash tournament to run this year despite the expanded lineup of tournaments. 

Ultimate Summit was originally supposed to run from June 11 to 14, but it was postponed due to COVID prior to this announcement. Now, Mainstage 2, a more traditional style tournament, and Crossover Summit, which would have pit Ultimate and Melee players against each, have been outright canceled. 

“Unfortunately, in light of the continuing pandemic, we have decided to cancel our remaining live Smash events for 2020,” BTS said. “We still look forward to bringing all these events to you in the future, once it is safe to do so.”

BTS followed the cancelation notice with a promise for updates on new projects that are in the works soon. That will likely include several online Smash events which will run later this year to make up for the sudden openings.