30 November 2017 - 15:11

Springtron coming to ARMS in Update 4.1

New badges and tweaks have also been added.
Image via Nintendo

After weeks of waiting, Springtron is finally joining the ARMS roster as a playable character.

Springtron, a mechanized version of Springman, was originally added in the ARMS 3.2 update back on Oct. 8. He was only available as a secret boss in the campaign mode of the game and wasn't released as a playable character until now.

Springtron's moveset is based on Springman's, with both sharing a lot of similarities. The main difference between the two fighters comes from their special abilities. Springtron is able to charge up for a short time and release a special burst shield, which negates any incoming weapon and sends them right back towards their opponent.

The new update also makes some changes to Misango, the character added in Update 4.0. His immobility duration when masked as been reduced, giving him some breathing room of the battlefield. A host of changes to weapons have also been added to try and balance the game as much as possible for when Evo Japan kicks off this January.

New badges have also been added to give players a host of new achievements to unlock.

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