22 December 2017 - 13:54

The ARMS 5.0 update adds a bunch of new content—including a new fighter

The last ARMS update of the year brings the total roster to 15 characters.
Image via Nintendo

The final ARMS update of the year has finally been released, bringing with it a wealth of new content for players to enjoy this holiday season.

In addition to new character Dr. Coyle and her three new weapons, Nintendo have also added a new stage, stronger AI, new achievements, and a bunch of bug fixes. Update 5.0 will be the last major update for the game before its Evo debut at Evo Japan next month.

Dr. Coyle is an agile fighter that can become invisible during the match. She is the first character to have an invisibility feature in the game, meaning opponents will need to be on their guard for any potential sneak attacks.

The new stage added in the update is based off of Dr. Coyle's lab is called [NAME REDACTED]. The stage is one of the smaller stages in ARMS currently and has moving obstacles. Players can use the environment and the moving obstacles in order to gain crucial cover that could turn the tide of matches.

With the addition of Dr. Coyle, Nintendo has added specific lore based cutscenes in game explaining how some fighters came to be. Master Mummy, for example, was apparently revived by Dr. Coyle. This is the first time that Nintendo has tried to expand the lore of the ARMS world in-game.

The new ARMS update is out now for free on Nintendo Switch.

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