Amaterasu from Okami joins TEPPEN’s in October update

A new hero and set come to TEPPEN in October.

Image via Capcom

Capcom and GungHo are pulling out all the stops for TEPPEN’s next installment, adding Amaterasu from the Ōkami series as the card game’s newest hero in October. 

Along with the Sun Goddess, characters from the Ōkami and Sengoku BASARA series will be featured as cards in the newest set, The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni. 

Amaterasu joins the roster as a red elemental hero, slotting next to the likes of Street Fighter’s Ryu and Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine. And just like with those heroes, his Hero Arts vary greatly in how they will impact the battlefield. 

Each is based on an ability Amaterasu has access to in the Ōkami series and looks to be very strong, especially with how versatile he seems to be. 

  • Great Divine Intervention
    • All friendly units gain plus two HP.
    • Deal three damage to all enemy units.
    • Any unit destroyed by this damage is removed from the game. This will not trigger Death Abilities.
  • Thunder Edge
    • Gives plus one Attack and <Agility> to a friendly unit.
  • Celestial Envoy’s Miracle
    • Your Hero gains “All friendly red units gain plus one Attack.”

The October update looks like it is going to completely change the game, as the release of The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni will add two new Tribes to the roster too. Alongside Human, Beast, Creature, Demon, Monster, and Machine, cards can now be classified as Kami and Spirit. 

Players can earn New Pack Tickets by logging into TEPPEN from Sept. 18 to 30, which can be exchanged for packs of The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni when it releases in October. There are also new Event Missions that players can complete to earn more New Pack Tickets during that same period. 

You can learn about all of the new cards and other information surrounding Ameterasu’s arrival on the official TEPPEN website, with more details set to be revealed before the October launch.