All of Terry Bogard’s alternate colors explained

Sakurai sure does know his Fatal Fury.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Like with every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Terry Bogard has eight different color variants available during character selection before a match begins. 

Alternative colors are the main way players can customize how their favorite character looks like during a fight. They are also used as a way to distinguish who is who when two players are playing as the same character. 

These color variants act as a way for Masahiro Sakurai to sneak in hints and references to the original games to ensure every new character is accurately represented in the series. Terry has been around for almost 30 years and is one of the most storied characters in fighting game history, and since Sakurai is such a huge Fatal Fury fan, there was a lot of content to pull from.

Not all of his costumes have a deeper meaning like Mario’s do, but several of them represent an aspect from another appearance he made in Fatal Fury or The King of Fighters games. Here is a basic explanation for what each of those alternate colors mean. 

Image via SmashWiki
Screengrab via Nintendo
RedThe basic and most recognizable version of the character. His hat says “Fatal Fury.”
BlueHis main alternate palette through all of his appearances through Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series. His hat also says “Fatal Fury.”
BrownLooks very reminiscent of his design from KoF XII and KoF XIII with a blank cap to match.
GreenAnother blank capped look that doesn’t really take anything from a past title. 
OrangeA throwback to his original look from the first Fatal Fury trilogy. His hat even says “Neo Geo” on it!
GreyA simple color swap with a cap that reads “King of the Fighters.”
BlackA metal plate sits on his signature hat, giving him a look similar to that of the Fatal Fury Anime films.
YellowHis KoF XIV design that puts the words “SOUTH TOWN” and “HUNGRY WOLF” on his hat as a reference to his games.