How to play Fall Guys on Mac

Time to peel off your Apple.

Image via Mediatonic

Shortly after its release at the beginning of August, Fall Guys became one of the hottest games of the summer—and its popularity has grown dramatically on all of the platforms that it’s available on. The game sold over seven million copies on Steam in just under 30 days and became the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time.

The developer also recently shared its plans for the second season of Fall Guys, which aims to introduce fantasy, medieval skins and thematic maps to the game. The game is only available on Windows PCs and PlayStation 4 right now, meaning that gamers who don’t own one of the two have been watching the action from the sidelines.

While it isn’t possible to play Fall Guys on Xbox or mobile devices just yet, Mac users can still use a couple of tricks to get the cute party game running on their systems. Here’s everything you need to know about installing Fall Guys on a Mac.

How to install and play Fall Guys on a Mac

Fall Guys doesn’t officially support Mac OS. Though the game’s likely to become compatible with Apple’s operating system in the future, Mac owners can use the “Boot Camp Assistant” to their advantage to hop onto the hype train. This program will allow you to install Windows on your Mac, meaning you’ll be able to run everything you would be able to on a Windows PC.

  • Before starting the process, you’ll need to download the official ISO file of Windows 10. Navigate to Windows 10’s official download page and follow the instructions to save the ISO file to your computer.
  • Grab yourself a USB stick that at least has five GB of available space and disconnect all the other external storage devices that you don’t need.
  • Launch “Boot Camp Assistant” via spotlight search or through the utilities folder. Check the “Download the latest Windows support software for Apple” and “Install Windows” checkboxes. You’ll be prompted with a pop-up. Locate the ISO file you downloaded in the first step and choose your USB stick from the list that will appear in the next step.
  • Once you get that out of the way, you’ll need to divide a part of your disk for Windows 10 to use. This will be up to you, but make sure to allocate at least 20 GB of space.
  • The rest is self-explanatory since you’ll be guided through a series of screens that will tell you what to do and asked about your system preferences.
  • After successfully installing Windows 10 on your Mac, go ahead and download Steam.
  • Log into Steam and start downloading Fall Guys. The game should launch right away since you’ll technically be on a Windows operating system, which Fall Guys fully supports.

This method will allow you to play Fall Guys on your Mac. You’ll also be able to run all the programs that don’t support Mac OS but are available on Windows.