Fall Guys plagued with server issues on first day of free-to-play

Looks like the servers need to brush up on their Hex-a-Gone.

Image via Mediatonic/Epic Games

Today marked the first day of a new era for Fall Guys, the goofy platformer and battle royale hybrid that boomed in popularity after it first emerged in 2020, with the introduction of the game as a free-to-play offering on PC and console. Unfortunately for fans, however, it didn’t seem like the Fall Guys servers were making it to the final round, either. 

Players across multiple platforms have run into a range of issues while trying to open the new season of Fall Guys. Some can’t seem to find enough players to fill a lobby when they get in, while others can’t access the game at all. Still more dealt with authentication errors popping up seemingly at random points while in the lobby or looking to load a game, leaving many players out in the cold on what should be a massive day for Fall Guys.

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Screengrab via Mediatronic

The Mediatonic team is well aware of the issues and has provided a couple updates via Fall Guys’ social media pages, but the issues still seem to persist for many players.

Fall Guys’ move to FTP was one of the biggest announcements of the summer video game news cycle. After the initial announcement in May, a live action trailer for the game’s new season and FTP featured several of streaming’s biggest names. A few of those streamers, like Valkyrae and CouRage, were part of the wave of streamers that helped turn Fall Guys into such a massive hit in the first place. With so much media presence and emphasis on the game’s new FTP model, Mediatonic and Epic Games were probably counting on starting the new season with a bang.

This just isn’t the sort of “bang” they wanted. While the server issues are most likely driven by the amount of players trying to download and log into the game, retaining those players may prove difficult if they spend most of their first day with the game looking at error screens.