Fall Guys may have “over 600 percent more golden crowns” as season 2 rewards

The new season is less than a week away.

Image via Mediatonic

Crown-starved Fall Guys players could be in for a positive surprise in the coming week. The game’s next season rewards will grant players a steady supply of golden crowns, according to a tweet from the official Fall Guys account.

“Winning crowns in Fall Guys against 59 other beans can sometimes be a little challenging,” the tweet reads. “For Season 2, we’ve added over 600 percent more golden crowns into the Season rewards.”

Crowns are rewards given out after winning a match or by progressing through a season. Players can get an unlimited amount of crowns from victories but only a finite number from season rewards. The currency serves as a way to acquire special cosmetics, such as collaboration outfits.

If Fall Guys keeps its 40-level model for season rewards, the “over 600 percent more golden crowns” remark means that approximately 18 crowns will be on the line throughout the season—more than enough to get at least one featured outfit. Season one offered three crowns in total at levels five, 20, and 32.

Fall Guys has added a series of collaboration skins over its first season. Famous video game franchises such as Half-Life, Portal, and Team Fortress were quick to reimagine their characters as the game’s whimsical beans—and with the game’s success, more titles could follow suit.

Early after Fall Guys‘ release, the official Twitter account asked for a collaboration with Cyberpunk 2077. The official account for The Witcher joined in on the conversation: “LOL Cyberpunk. DM us for something more exciting.” Characters from the two titles could appear in Fall Guys at some point—even if it’s not in the next season.

Fall Guys season two kicks off in the first week of October and will have a medieval theme. The official Twitter account also teased a new game mode called “Wall Guys,” which forces players to cooperate and move blocks around to climb tall walls.