Half-Life Alyx skin returns to Fall Guys as a featured item today

The costume set is available for the first time in PS4.

Image via Devolver Digital

The Alyx skin from Half-Life has returned to Fall Guys for the first time since it was added back in August.

Alyx may be returning to PC, but it’s making its first appearance today on PS4. The full set will cost you 10 crowns in total, with the upper part and bottom part being five crowns each. Players can also buy a Cherry Cream color skin for 1700 Kudos.

Alyx is the protagonist of Valve’s VR game Half-Life: Alyx released this year. This costume is part of Valve collaboration with Fall Guys, which also brought Gordon Freeman, Alyx, and Scout from Team Fortress 2 costumes to the game.

The quality rate from featured items varies from Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Alyx costume is rated Legendary, while Cherry Cream is Rare.

The featured items available in Fall Guys change every day so there’s also a chance for customization in the game. Yesterday’s featured items were the color Big Bad, the pattern Hotrod Flames, and the Inverted face. If you didn’t have enough crowns to grab anything, you’ll have to wait it appear again.