Fall Guys’ new Portal-themed skin lets you play as Chell—sort of

Portal gun included.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys just got another Portal skin. Players can dress their characters as Chell, the main character in the famous franchise, complete with an Aperture Science jumpsuit and a portal gun for the whooping price of 10 crowns.

Like other Fall Guys costumes, the outfit is composed of two parts. The top half dresses the Fall Guy in Chell’s signature Aperture T-shirt, complete with her hairstyle and a (non-functioning) Portal gun. The bottom half shows the folded-over orange jumpsuit, part of the uniform for Aperture test subjects.

The cosmetic will stay in the store for a limited time, which gives players a short window to grind the hefty amount of 10 crowns to acquire the complete outfit.

Chell’s outfit isn’t the first Portal skin to make its way to Fall Guys. Last month, the P-Body skin let players dress their character as the adorably deadly turrets in the game.

Screengrab via Mediatonic

Collaboration skins have been a part of Fall Guys since its inception. Players who pre-ordered the title obtained a skin styled after Gordon Freeman, the main character in the Half-Life franchise. Team Fortress 2‘s Scout was also honored as a limited-time cosmetic in the store.

Following its astronomic launch, Fall Guys gained even more media attention by soliciting the Cyberpunk Twitter account for a collaboration skin. The Witcher’s official Twitter account joined in: “LOL Cyberpunk. DM us for something more exciting.” Both franchises are owned by CDProjektRed.