Doom Slayer costume now available in Fall Guys

Get ready for action.

Image via Mediatonic

DOOM fans can finally unlock the iconic Doom Slayer costume in Fall Guys for six crowns.

Mediatonic teased the DOOM collaboration in December and recently officially revealed the outfit. The Doom Slayer costume features the character’s green armor, helmet, and shoulder-cannon, perfect for fighting waves of demons. The cannon is not functional in Fall Guys, however, which is good for other beans. 

The Doom Slayer is the deadly hero of the DOOM series and is known for traveling through Hell and killing hundreds of demons and monsters. Fall Guys isn’t known for violence or dark themes, but fans are still excited to see the character make an appearance in the light-hearted game. 

DOOM fans can also unlock a Cyberdemon and Cacodemon outfit if they want a scarier or intimidating look. The Cyberdemon costs six crowns in total, and the Cacodemon only features a top, which costs three crowns. 

This is not the first significant crossover in Fall Guys. Mr. Beast, Ninja, G2 Esports, and Aim Lab recently received their own in-game outfits after winning the Fall Guys “Battle of the Brands” competition in August. 

A Godzilla costume was also available in November, which means players could see the Doom Slayer and Godzilla fighting for a crown in games. 

The Doom Slayer costume will likely be in the shop for a limited-time, so fans who want the outfit should start grinding before it’s too late.