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An image of the characters of Dragon Age: Inquisition fighting off demons
Image via Bioware.

All romanceable characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Which character will steal your heart?

Dragon Age: Inquisition features plenty of companions and characters who will join you on your quest to stop Corypheus, though only certain people can be romanced. 

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If you’re wondering which characters you can get loved up with, then keep reading, as we’re going to be looking at all of the main romanceable characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition.  

All characters that can be romanced in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Blackwall: Romanceable for Female Inquisitors of any race

An image of the character Blackwall from Dragon Age: Inquisition
A big ole’ beardy boy. Image via Bioware.

Blackwall can be recruited in the Hinterlands, although he originally comes from the Free Marches. He tells you he’s a Grey Warden, but there’s a lot more to his story than meets the eye. 

Blackwall is both a companion and a romanceable character, but he can only be romanced by female Inquisitors—though it doesn’t matter what race you choose. He generally has good morals, so doing good deeds will raise his approval level. He’ll also greatly appreciate it if you can get the Grey Wardens to join the Inquisition and if you collect Grey Warden artifacts when he is in the party. 

Blackwall is the right choice for you if you’re into big, burly guys with impressive beards and a good moral compass. 

Cassandra Pentaghast: Romanceable for male Inquisitors of any race

An image of the character Cassandra from Dragon Age: Inquisition
A savage queen with a soft side. Image via Bioware.

Those who have played Dragon Age II will recognize Cassandra as the Seeker of Truth who interrogates Varric the dwarf to find out more about Hawke (the DA II player character). She makes a return in Dragon Age: Inquisition, though her role is much more significant this time around. 

Despite her tough exterior, Cassandra is a romantic at heart who loves trashy romance novels and wants to be swept off her feet. The gifts you can give her reflect this, those being candles, flowers, and a poetry book you can then use to host a romantic evening with her. 

Cassandra might be a powerful warrior, but she also has a soft side that makes her a surprisingly sweet romance option. 

Cullen Rutherford: Romanceable for female Inquisitors who are human or Elven only

An image of the character Cullen from Dragon Age: Inquisition
No matter how many times I say I’ll romance someone else, I always end up crawling back to Cullen. Image via Bioware.

Cullen has appeared in both the previous Dragon Age games, though he’s only a romance option for female human or female Elven Inquisitors in Inquisition

Cullen is undeniably handsome, although his charm comes from his awkward nature when you try to flirt with him. He isn’t a companion, but decisions you make for certain quests can still make a difference. For instance, he will either break up with you or refuse to be with you at all if you convince him to keep taking lyrium in the quest Perseverance. 

If you played Dragon Age: Origins, you’ll know what I mean when I say Cullen gives off Alistair vibes, which is why he’s always my go-to romance choice in Inquisition

Dorian Pavus: Romanceable for male Inquisitors of any race

An image of the character Dorian from Dragon Age: Inquisition
My female Inquisitor spent many a night crying over not being able to romance Dorian. Image via Bioware.

Dorian is an interesting character; he’s a mage from the unexplored but infamous Thedas region of Tevinter. He’s only romanceable to male Inquistors, though female Inquistors can still flirt with him for fun. 

Supporting mages and avoiding tyranny will gain his approval when it comes to quest decisions, though in general, he’s a fan of witty, sarcastic, and playful Inquisitors who don’t take themselves too seriously. 

If you plan on romancing him, make sure you don’t support the use of any kind of forbidden magic, such as blood magic, because he is incredibly wary of this and will always disapprove. 

Iron Bull: Romanceable for male and female Inquisitors of any race

An image of the character Iron Bull from Dragon Age: Inquisition
Take the Bull by the horns. Image via Bioware.

Iron Bull is a Qunari companion, and he’s a little different from the other romanceable options; the romance begins with physical intimacy rather than as friends. It doesn’t take much flirting for him to make you an offer, which he refers to as “riding the Bull.” I’m not even sorry for giving you that information. If you accept, you can either choose to break it off afterward or continue on a friends-with-benefits basis. 

To get Bull’s approval, do lots of fighting with him in the party. He’s particularly fond of taking down High Dragons and members of the Venatori. You have to make an effort to build an actual relationship with him, but it’s worth it for those horns. 

Josephine Montilyet: Romanceable for male and female Inquisitors of any race

An image of the character Josephine from Dragon Age: Inquisition
Josephine’s romance is for those looking for a true and sweet love story. Image via Bioware.

An Antivan diplomatic ambassador, Josephine is an intelligent friend of well-known Dragon Age character Leliana and a romance choice for male and female Inquisitors. Josephine comes across as logical and, as her job implies, very diplomatic. But underneath all that, she’s a very sweet and somewhat naive love interest. 

Her personal quest is a bit like a romance novel; Josephine’s parents arrange for her to be married, so you can challenge the suitor to a duel for her hand. It’s all very lovey-dovey, but it suits Josephine’s sweet nature perfectly. 

Sera: Romanceable for female Inquisitors of any race

An image of the character Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition
A menace in the best possible way. Image via Bioware.

An Elf who is not a fan of anything too “Elfy,” Sera is a rogue and a member of the Friends of Red Jenny secret society, whose mission it is to help the poor and the lowborn of Thedas. 

Sera is a mischievous and somewhat impulsive romance choice, who tends to think she’s always in the right, so make sure you agree with her whenever you can if you are planning on romancing her. 

If you’re playing as a female Elven Inquisitor, especially a Dalish one, you’ll find it a little more tricky to raise her approval rating due to her aforementioned dislike of Elven customs. 

Solas: Romanceable for Elven female Inquisitors only

An image of the character Solas from Dragon Age: Inquisition
An egghead in every sense. Image via Bioware.

Solas is the most difficult character to romance. You can only do so if you are an Elven female Inquisitor. His romance is also the most interesting in terms of the narrative of Dragon Age: Inquisition, though. 

Without going into spoiler territory, romancing him could potentially change how things go in the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, so it’s definitely one of the more fleshed-out romances. 

Make sure you side with mages and approve of anything Elven culture and Fade-related if you want to gain his approval enough for him to become romantically interested in you. 

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