Valve launches Dota Pro Circuit Team Profile, other competitive scene elements to Dota 2 client

Some new features that are a bit confusing.

Image via Valve

After a short test period, Valve has officially rolled out its Dota Pro Circuit Team Profile system, which will let players actively track elements of competitive Dota 2 right from the game’s client. 

This specific feature will give players access to profiles for teams and players competing in both Division one and two of the current DPC season. 

By clicking on a team, you can view their hub, which showcases their schedule, record, and more. It will also include individual stats for each player like their average K/D/A and top heroes. 

There are spoiler-free options for all DPC content in the client to ensure you aren’t spoiled on match results and details if you can’t watch the games right away. For tha, simply manage the live option in the upper right section of the Watch tab. 

Valve notes that these profiles are going to be “an integral part of the upcoming fan content system,” which is still being worked on. That will bring in additional features, like the promised Team Bundles that would allow players to purchase items and support their favorite teams.