The International 10 will welcome in-person fans, to require masks and proof of vaccination for all attendees

There are some nice spectator mode updates and a new International 2021 Compendium, too.

Image via Valve

Dota 2 fans will be able to attend The International 10 in a limited capacity less than a month out from the event kicking off with its group stage competition on Oct. 7, Valve announced today. 

Additionally, an update for the Dota 2 client is going live and will give players access to the new International 2021 Compendium, including 10 free packs of Player Cards and additional content for each team’s Supporters Clubs members. 

For players interested in attending the event in Bucharest, Romania, tickets will go on sale starting Sept. 22 at 4am CT in the form of three separate two-day bundles. This will only cover the main event of TI10, which will be played between Oct. 12 and 17 at the National Arena.

Here’s what each ticket set will get you, along with how much they’ll cost. 

  • Midweek No. 1: Oct. 12 and 13 for $59.18
  • Midweek No. 2: Oct. 14 and 15 for $59.18
  • Finals weekend: Oct. 16 and 17 for $237.44

The arena won’t be filled to full capacity, purchases are limited to five tickets of each ticket bundle per transaction, and it will be a fully-masked, fully-vaccinated event. 

This means Valve and its organizing partners are requiring every attendee to be at least 10 days past their final vaccination shot. All attendees will need to show proof of vaccination status and a valid ID at a labeled “Vaccination Verification tent,” which will be located right outside of the will-call ticket station for the arena. You can find a full list of event requirements and health protocols on the official Dota 2 website.

Starting today, players can start gearing up for TI10 in the Dota 2 client with the new International 2021 Compendium. 

Every player will get 10 free packs of Player Cards to start, extra packs by winning at least one match every day, and additional team packs available for $0.49, with 50 percent of each purchase going to support the team you’re collecting. With each team pack, you’re guaranteed a gold or silver player from your team of choice. 

Valve is also tying in the Supporters Club from the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit by giving any supporter of a team bonus packs based on their support tier. 

  • Bronze
    • One basic pack
    • One team pack
  • Silver
    • Seven basic packs
    • Three team packs
  • Gold 
    • 14 basic packs
    • Six team packs

The Spectator HUD has received an overhaul, too, with a new update that’s added special indicators to the player status bar and for Power Rune spawns, the Roshan timer, buyback status indicators, and more to the various menus and stat dropdowns. 

In-game graphs have also been improved, with combo graphs now showing win probability, gold, and XP simultaneously. Additionally, the camera and playback features have received some nice updates, including the ability to move the camera in non-free camera modes and skip the draft phase of match playbacks. 

Valve briefly touched on future plans to push Dota 2 forward technologically, which includes ending support for older systems in the coming months. You can read the full details on the Dota 2 blog, with more information about TI10, future updates, and more coming in the near future.


Cale Michael
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