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Doom and Clockwerk standing in front of the Bali Major splash art.
Image via Valve

5 Dota 2 heroes dominated the Bali Major and will do the same for your pubs

Expect to see them more often.

The Dota 2 Bali Major is done and dusted, and like most top-tier tournaments, it was a showcase of strategic mastery. A number of heroes shone throughout the event, but in the end, five stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

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These heroes, each with their unique abilities and playstyles, not only shaped the outcome of the event but are also set to influence pub matches in the coming weeks. Let’s take a closer look at these heroes, their performance in the tournament based on stats from Dotabuff, and why they could be the key to your next victory.


Doom wielding his Infernal Blade during a wintery night on the Dota 2 battlefield.
Doom’s ultimate was pivotal in the major. Image via Valve

Doom was a force to be reckoned with at the Bali Major. With a whopping 47 games played and a win rate of 57.45 percent, Doom’s presence was felt throughout the tournament. His powerful abilities, including his infamous ultimate that silences an enemy while dealing damage over time, made him a formidable opponent.

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In the hands of a skilled player, Doom can control the pace of the game, disrupting strategies and creating opportunities. His high win rate at the Bali Major is a testament to his potential impact in any match, so expect to see him picked a lot in pubs too.


Medusa holding a bow in Dota 2.
Medusa is one of the strongest carries in Dota 2. Image via Valve.

Medusa was another standout hero at the Bali Major. With 51 games played and a win rate of 58.82 percent, Medusa’s late-game potential was a key factor in many victories. Her ability to farm quickly and efficiently, coupled with her powerful ultimate that can turn the tide of team fights, makes her a threat that cannot be ignored.

Her strength lies in her ability to scale into a late-game powerhouse. With the right items and support from her team, or if enemies don’t pressure her enough (which often happens in pubs), she can become nearly unstoppable.


Enigma casting a black hole in Dota 2.
Enigma’s ultimate can turn a fight like no other. Image via Valve.

Enigma had a huge impact at the Bali Major. With 34 games played and a win rate of 61.76 percent, Enigma’s team fight presence was a game-changer. His Black Hole ultimate was used to control multiple enemies and set up devastating combos countless times.

Enigma’s biggest asset is his ability to control the battlefield. His skills can turn the tide of a fight, making him a valuable asset in any team composition, regardless of whether he’s picked as a core or a support.


Broodmother and her broodlings making a nest in Dota 2.
Broodmother’s ability to push and pressure lanes creates chaos. Image via Valve

Broodmother was a dominant force at the Bali Major. With 55 games played and a win rate of 61.82 percent, Broodmother’s unique playstyle was a challenge for many teams. Her ability to control the map and push lanes quickly made her a constant threat.

Broodmother has the unique ability to apply pressure across the map. Her spiderlings can overwhelm enemies and quickly take down towers, forcing the enemy team to constantly adapt to her presence. Those who don’t shy away from micro-management will almost certainly pick her more often.


Clockwerk casting Hookshot in Dota 2
Hookshot proved to be devastating at the Bali Major. Image via Valve

Clockwerk was a surprise standout at the Bali Major. With 36 games played and an impressive win rate of 69.44 percent, his disruptive abilities were a key factor in many Dota 2 victories. In fact, his ability to initiate fights and disrupt enemy formations was arguably the most devastating weapon in the tournament.

Clockwerk is an excellent pick right now because of his ability to control the pace of the game. Hookshot can initiate fights from a distance, while Battery Assault can disrupt enemies and break up formations.

Now that the pros have shown how effective these Dota heroes are and how to use them correctly, there’s a high chance they will all be picked more often in pubs in the coming weeks and months, so expect to see them.

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