The International Battle Pass is over, some features will go to Dota Plus

Dota Plus might offer more bang for your buck in the upcoming season.

Image via Valve

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Valve has promised to bring some of The International 2019 Battle Pass features to its flagship subscription service, Dota Plus, following the conclusion of the Battle Pass.

After receiving an additional two weeks following the delayed Wrath of the Mo’rokai event, the TI9 Battle Pass has officially ended in the client.

The end of the Battle Pass also means that a plethora of features introduced this year will be departing, too. Cosmetics like voice lines and sprays are likely gone until the next TI season, but Valve promised to bring some of the features to Dota Plus. Among the more well-received features include the Avoid Player function and a real-time counter that tracks the type of damage dealt to your hero.

Dota Plus is an additional paid service for players who want something extra with their base game. The subscription provides you with exclusive hero cosmetics, Relics to track your hero’s stats and progress, and the Dota Plus assistant that aids you with drafting and provides more in-depth stat tracking, such as your net worth at any given point of the game.

Initially touted as a replacement for the Battle Passes associated with the Valve Majors due to the introduction of the Dota Pro Circuit, Dota Plus has received a lukewarm reception for the most part. While some players enjoy content like the stat-tracking Relics, the exclusive hero voice lines, and the weekend Battle Cup, the community has raised concerns about the slow rate of updates and the unstable availability of the Dota Plus Assistant.

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It’s unclear if the developers will try to change up the less popular features of the Battle Pass, like the Coach’s Challenges and the Most Valuable Player voting. The problems with these elements are compounded by the community since both rely on the player base to properly function. Stumble upon toxic people and your experience will likely be ruined.

Regardless, players who don’t pay for the service might find themselves at a disadvantage. The subscription isn’t purely cosmetic, containing several elements that can improve your understanding of the game at a cost. While Dota 2 has routinely been considered one of the most forgiving free-to-play games on the market, the ability to boost your gameplay simply by paying a premium won’t sit well with the adamantly free crowd.

With the fall season just weeks away, improvements might drop along with the promised Outlanders update. In addition to the new Dota Plus features, players will finally get the opportunity to see Snapfire and Void Spirit in action.