The International 10 smashes largest esports prize pool record

At an insane pace as well.

Image via Valve

The 10th anniversary of The International has eclipsed the esports prize pool record after passing last year’s $34,330,068.

TI10 achieved the record mark almost 20 days faster than the previous year. With high-profile Battle Pass rewards like the third Immortal Treasure and Windranger Arcana yet to come, the prize pool for the major Dota 2 event will likely experience a few more upswings.

TI has been a routine breaker of this particular record thanks to its innovative crowd-funding approach since TI3. Dota 2 now holds the top six spots on the largest overall prize pools list.

Battle Pass owners will receive 10 free levels due to the breakthrough. Valve has set the next milestone for a reward at $40 million. The Battle Pass is set to expire on Sept. 19.

The record-breaking moment is somewhat mired by the indefinite postponement of the event itself. Valve has maintained an uncommitted stance to hosting the tournament at this time, citing an “increase in unpredictability” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The developer also reassured fans that updates will come as soon as possible.