Valve remains uncommitted on potential DPC and TI return dates

An "increase in the unpredictability of COVID-19" makes it difficult to schedule.

Image via Valve

The tenth edition of The International and the current season of the Dota Pro Circuit remains on indefinite hold due to the “unpredictability” of the COVID-19 pandemic, Valve announced today.

Dota 2‘s premier event is traditionally held in August, with its tenth anniversary initially slated to be held in Stockholm. Even with TI10’s materialization up in the air, this year’s Battle Pass is set to overtake last year’s prize pool, breaking the record in esports once again.

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Citing an “eagerness” to return to these offline events, Valve said the developer will “announce updates as soon as we can.”

This is in contrast to Riot’s decision to proceed with Worlds 2020, League of Legends‘ annual premier event, beginning Sept. 25 and ending Oct. 31. All matches will be played in Shanghai.

The official Dota 2 account will continue to highlight the “best moments” of TI over the next week, saying the month “has been a time of excitement” for the community.

Besides crowning the best Dota 2 team in the world, TI has also been a vehicle for new hero releases for the past three years. Every hero since Pangolier and Dark Willow was announced during the tournament.