New region, who this? Evil Geniuses reverse sweep TSM to win Dota BTS Pro Series 13

So begins a new age of rivalry.

Pakazs and Matthew hugging at Dota 2's TI 11.
Image via Valve

It’s almost the 2023 DPC season, and the North American Dota 2 scene is going through turnover it has never seen before. With organizations and legends leaving the scene, the newest names in the Americas region got to test their mettle in the BTS Pro Series Season 13.

Almost all the elites of NA and South America were in the tournament with an epic clash in the finals between Evil Geniuses and TSM. Though one of NA’s last pillars had a two-to-zero lead in the series, the new SA EG squad came out swinging with an impressive reverse sweep to take the tournament home with a score of three-to-zero.

The series kicked off with a relatively close match where TSM could only gain control after the 30 minute mark. Despite having a controller-heavy lineup, EG couldn’t contain Bryle’s Leshrac and dropped the series’ first game.

The second match was a quick case of TSM dominance as Timado joined Bryle in taking over the game. The two core players of TSM didn’t die a single time throughout the second match while scoring 28 kills in total between them.

Given the momentum in the series, most expected the third game to go to TSM, but the new EG finally clicked. In the 35 minutes long series, Chris Luck, Wisper, and Pakazs put on a dominating performance with Rubick, Timbersaw, and Chaos Knight, respectively. Timado was completely shut down, while Bryle’s Ember Spirit just couldn’t find the space on the map to come online.

Game four was another close one, as it was a fantastic fight between the two cores, Pakazs and Bryle. Despite being one step behind of EG throughout the match, TSM tried to claw their back into the game with Bryle’s Templar Assassin. EG had even more resources in the form of Lina and Timbersaw, letting them capitalize on their lead.

TSM’s spirits were rightfully broken in the third game. All the confidence that they gained from the first two matches was now drained, and EG put on a show and wrapped up the match in 25 minutes.

The close series between the top two organizations in the region was a decent testament to how competitive the 2023 DPC season is set to be both in SA and NA, as the two regions are now equally matched in terms of skill. That being said, TSM didn’t have Whitemon ready for the series, and MoonMeander had to step in to fill his absence. In addition to playing with their coach, two of TSM’s members were still on EU soil, as Ari and Kasane still haven’t moved to NA. Considering the division one action will start in a month, Whitemon, Ari, and Kasane are likely to make their way to NA soon.


Gökhan Çakır
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