Midas Mode 2.0’s day 7 bounties are old favorites

Reduce, reuse, and recycle for a cleaner Midas Mode.

dota 2 midas mode 2.0
Screengrab via Moonduck

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Dota 2 tournament Midas Mode 2.0 recently concluded its European and American championships. Sir Sadim’s nefarious plans worked and his Stunners won the European championship over Alliance. On the American frontier, J.Storm crushed Anvorgesa to take the crown despite changing a player at the last minute.

The show must go on, however, and the Asian teams will now take the stage in day seven of the competition. A new group stage indicates the removal of Hard Mode and a more forgiving economy.

Victory and defeat will reward Moonbucks again and the list of bounties has been reduced. But they’re still worth a pretty penny:

Bounty nameMoonbucksDescription
Knife to a gunfight700Draft five melee heroes.
Technical issues600A player in guaranteed enemy vision may proclaim “Technical Issues.” They then must stay motionless for 30 seconds and survive. Moving or dying before 30 seconds fails the bounty. Enemies must all be alive before you start the bounty.
Football600Purchase a gem of true sight and score a “touchdown” by dropping it in the enemy fountain before 30 minutes using your hero. No global teleports or blinks to enter the base.
Game theory500Teams agree to deny their bounty runes at game start. If all four runes are denied, both teams get the reward. If any bounty rune is picked up, neither does.
It’s Halloween!300A person with invisibility (not included being smoked) can type something spooky in chat. The bounty is won if they manage to kill an enemy hero in five seconds after saying “boo.”

Only five bounties will be available on the seventh day of competition, which is the lowest amount yet at Midas Mode 2.0. But they’re worth quite a bit more compared to the European and American group stages, so completing one bounty would be much more efficient than before.

Three series will be played today. Two revamped rosters in Vici Gaming and EHOME will battle in the first series of the day. Xu “BurNing” Zhilei’s team, BurNing’s Legion, will take on EHOME for the second series, but the squad will continue to keep fans guessing since the roster has yet to be confirmed. Fnatic will take on BurNing’s Legion to cap off the day, with former teammates BurNing and Daryl “iceiceice” Koh facing off for old times’ sake.