Dota Summit 12: Live results and standings

The battle is on at the Summit.

Photo via Beyond the Summit | Remixed by Dexter Tan

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With six strong teams competing at Dota Summit 12, the competition is only going to grow as the already small bracket continues to shrink. 

Early favorites like Evil Geniuses and Fnatic lead the charge against rosters that still have a lot to prove as tier one and tier two teams clash for their share of $150,000.

Dota Summit 12 is the first chance fans will have to see Cloud9’s new roster compete after bringing back EternaLEnVy, while other teams like Thunder Predator and OG Seed continue to thrive in the second half of the season. But because the event is crammed between the third round of Dota Pro Circuit tournaments, it might be a little hard to follow all of the action. 

If you want to keep up with all of the results for Dota Summit 12, here is a list of the full standings for the event along with all of the match results for both the group stage and playoffs. 

Two teams will be eliminated at the end of the group stage, which will then turn the playoffs into a double-elimination bracket with each round being a best-of-three until the grand finals, which will be a best-of-five. 

Overall Standings

2ndOG Seed$35,500
3rdEvil Geniuses$22,000
4thTeam Liquid$15,500
5th-6thThunder Predator$12,000

Match Results

Group Stage

  • Day One
    • Fnatic vs Liquid – Fnatic 2-0
    • Fnatic vs C9 – Fnatic 2-0
    • EG vs OG Seed – Split 1-1
    • Team Liquid vs C9 – Liquid 2-0
    • OG Seed vs TP – Split 1-1
    • Liquid vs OG Seed – OG Seed 2-0
    • EG vs TP – EG 2-0
    • C9 vs TP – TP 2-0
  • Day Two
    • Liquid vs EG – Liquid 2-0
    • Fnatic vs OG Seed – Split 1-1
    • C9 vs EG – EG 2-0
    • Fnatic vs TP – Split 1-1
    • C9 vs OG Seed – OG Seed 2-0
    • Liquid vs TP – Split 1-1
    • Fnatic vs EG – Split 1-1
      • Liquid vs TP (tiebreaker) – Liquid 1-0


  • Upper Bracket Round One
    • OG Seed vs EG – EG 2-0
    • Fnatic vs Liquid – Fnatic 2-0
  • Lower Bracket Round One
    • Liquid vs OG Seed – OG Seed 2-0
  • Upper Bracket Finals
    • EG vs Fnatic – Fnatic 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Finals
    • EG vs OG Seed – OG Seed 2-1
  • Grand Finals
    • Fnatic vs OG Seed – Fnatic 3-0