CIS Rejects signs 3 new players, 9pasha returns to Dota 2 roster

Three new players join 9pasha and depressed kid ahead of the final Dota Pro Circuit Tour of the season.

Screengrab via CIS Rejects

CIS Rejects has its new roster for the final 2022 Dota Pro Circuit Tour, officially bringing back Gleb “depressed kid” Zyryanov and 9pasha to play alongside three new players today. 

This comes a week after the team’s manager Gleb “cenra” Antokhin confirmed that the team would be going through a major reshuffle and rebrand even after finishing fourth in the Regional Playoffs for the region in the EEU’s Spring Tour.

The biggest name joining the team is Immersion, the former AS Monaco Gambit player who was recently released following several poor performances from his squad over the last several months. He brings a lot of experience to the team and should do an admirable job filling the hole left by fng, especially when the team also retained Sergei “G” Bragin as head coach. 

CIS Rejects is also bringing in two other young players to grow alongside the returning position two player, signing Nikita “Munkushi~” Chepurnykh away from his various stacks so the 19-year-old can compete alongside some top talent on his biggest stage yet. Evgeny “Heaven” Ponomarev is joining up out of the ashes of the former Nemiga Gaming roster, and the 20-year-old will make his debut in Eastern Europe’s Division I regional league after playing in Division II and the Tier Three scene for most of the last two years. 

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Returning mid laner depressed kid was always going to be the focal point of this new roster, according to the manager’s previous statements, but 9pasha returning to the team is a bit of a surprise. He announced he would be taking an extended break from competing just last month. This could mean the previous roster composition was why 9pasha wanted to step away and he is willing to step in and compete with this updated lineup. 

  • Munkushi-
  • depressed kid
  • 9pasha
  • Heaven
  • Immersion
  • G (coach)

Despite putting together a solid roster with a high upside, the team has some big shoes to fill now that RAMZES, RodjER, and fng have all departed, leaving CIS Rejects in an odd position where no one is sure if they can compete with big names like Team Spirit, BetBoom Team, and 

The organization is still teasing another announcement, which is likely going to be the final rebrand away from the CIS Rejects name which the manager previously mentioned. It could also be a sponsorship deal that will tie into that rebrand, though no details were shared along with the roster composition.