Biggest winners and losers of Dota 2 Patch 7.32d

Have you seen this item?

Screengrab via Valve

While Dota 2 players expect a major game-changing patch that even alters the map’s layout, Valve continues to roll out minor tweaks that balance the scales in the game.

Gameplay patch 7.32d dropped on Tuesday, Nov. 29, introducing a plethora of minor changes that can still alter the way players have been playing Dota 2 in recent months.

In general, hero changes have stolen the show as they tend to be the most impactful ones, but it has been the opposite for 7.32d.

The nerf hammer swung the hardest for an item that has been an incremental part of this year’s TI-winner’s, Tundra Esports, strategy. Alongside the clear losers of patch 7.32d, there were also some winners who may rise in popularity in the coming days.

Losers of the Dota 2 patch 7.32d

Wraith Pact

Gone are the days when your team a majority of its damage output after your enemy picks up a Wraith Pact. The item’s effectiveness was nerfed heavily with Patch 7.32d and it now only reduces physical damage.

Magic and Pure damage sources won’t be affected by Wraith Pact, giving teams a better chance to counter the item without needing to find it in a crowded teamfight.

Wraith Pact changes:

  • Ward aura no longer reduces Magical or Pure damage (still affects physical damage from attacks and spells)


Marci was featured as one of the biggest losers after patch 7.32, but she still found her way back on top of the meta during The International 2022. As pros discovered a new way to bust out Marci’s true potential, a second batch of nerfs was in order for the silent killer of Dota 2.

Image via Valve

Rebound’s cast and jump range were drastically nerfed as Sidekick’s lifesteal took a small hit. The range and speed changes to Rebound will make laning against Marci a lot easier as she’ll have a tougher time securing kills and also while escaping.

Marci changes:

  • Rebound: Cast and Jump Range decreased from 800 to 450/550/650/750
  • Rebound: Jump Speed decreased from 2000 to 1700
  • Sidekick: Lifesteal decreased from 35/40/45/50 percent to 30/35/40/45 percent

Winners of the Dota 2 patch 7.32d


Grimstroke has been away from the spotlight for a while now, but he received a bug fix and three buffs in patch 7.32d. Valve fixed a bug that caused Grimstroke’s Ink Swell heal with Aghanim’s Shard not to apply during tick damage while also buffing the spell.

Screengrab via [Valve](

Ink Swell received a movement speed bonus, making it more of a threat in the early game. The level 15 talent also makes Soulbind’s Spell Damage even stronger, and combined with the Wraith Pact changes Grimstroke can be back on the menu for teams that are looking to run heavy-magic damage lineups.

Grimstroke changes:

  • Ink Swell: Movement Speed bonus increased from 10/12/14/16 percent to 12/14/16/18 percent
  • Dark Portrait: Can now be used on Spell Immune enemies
  • Talent: Level 15 Talent Soulbind Spell Damage increased from +20 percent to +25 percent


Bristleback is one of the tougher laners in Dota 2. Despite being a prime carry material in previous patches, Bristleback lost his position as lanes started becoming more fight-prone in the early game.

Screengrab via Valve

The patch 7.32d gave Bristleback an early game chance at survival as he received an additional 0.75 base health regen. While the number may sound trivial, these types of stats changes add up and can allow Bristleback to return dominating lanes.

Bristleback changes:

  • Base Health Regen increased from 0.25 to 1