23savage becomes first Dota 2 player to hit 12,000 MMR

Somebody get him on a team.

Photo via Beyond the Summit

Thai wunderkind 23savage reached another MMR milestone today, thereby shifting the ever-expanding goalposts of Dota 2‘s MMR gates once more.

The 18-year-old achieved the feat of hitting 12,000 MMR by going 40-25 over the past eight days, according to Dota 2 Pro Tracker. The carry player has been exceeding successful on his signature hero, Morphling, having respectable win rates on Troll Warlord and Arc Warden as well.

23savage was also the second player to achieve 11,000 MMR behind Evil Geniuses’ star Filipino mid laner Abed, who was the first player to break 10,000 MMR in two different rating systems. Despite his incredible skill in the public matchmaking realm, the talented carry has yet to find a new home in the professional scene.

After his 10-month stint with Southeast Asian giants Fnatic ended in a surprise parting of ways last summer, the Thai player was unable to even play a single game for his new team Vici Gaming before being let go by the Chinese organization in January.

Now that the first season of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 Regional Leagues is over for most regions, 23savage and other premier free agents need to find a way into the DPC by the next season or risk losing out on their chance to compete at The International 10.

Unlike preceding years, Valve has elected not to hold open qualifiers for Dota 2’s premier event. Instead, every team in the second season of the DPC’s upper and lower divisions not already invited to TI10 will play in a regional qualifier to fill out the berths. Only one representative from each region will be selected this way and 23savage will be sorely missed if he fails to join a team that qualifies.