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The player taking a selfie and pointing at Mist.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You need a lot of it.

On Eternity Isle, Mist is an incredibly essential and important resource for your Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay. This resource can be used to access new biomes, craft powerful tools, and so much more, which means you need to gather a lot of it.

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To access most of Eternity Isle and its many rich resources, you first need to farm lots of Mist. With how important Mist is for your adventures, it’s crucial to know how to obtain this resource and what the best ways to gather it in Disney Dreamlight Valley are.

How to obtain Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are six different ways you can obtain Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which are:

  • Completing Mist Duties.
  • Removing Splinters of Fate.
  • Clearing Swirling Sand.
  • Finding treasure with the Royal Hourglass.
  • Opening Time Rifts.
  • Completing Eternity Isle quests.

Best ways to get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While any of the six different methods for gathering Mist will help grant you more of this resource, here’s how they rank in comparison to each other so you know which ones are the best use of your time.

1) Mist Duties

The overall quickest and most rewarding way to earn Mist is to complete Mist Duties. These are the same as Dreamlight Duties except they grant Mist rather than Dreamlight and essentially reward you for activities you likely already planned on doing or already did anyway.

The Mist Duties screen in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
They’re usually very easy and extremely rewarding. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Mist Duties are the best way to quickly farm this resource because most of them are exceptionally simple to compete. Tasks you may find on this page include activities like taking a photo, changing your outfit, harvesting a few of one specific resource, catching a couple of fish, and giving gifts.

2) Swirling Sand

There are special Swirling Sand masses scattered around Eternity Isle and these are also kind of like Night Thorns on the main island since you regularly need to clear them. Everything about these functions is the same as Night Thorns and Spliters of Fate except you must use your Royal Hourglass to clear them.

Swirling Sand only ever drops Mist, which makes them a fairly reliable way to farm this resource. I’ve found each one usually drops somewhere between 45 and 95 Mist with around 50 Mist being the most common drop amount.

The player standing by some Swirling Sand.
These sand structures appear throughout all biomes on Eternity Isle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

3) Time Rifts

Time Rifts are massive floating glowing balls of Mist that spawn all around Eternity Isle and the main island too. You can use your Royal Hourglass tool directly on one to open a temporary rift where treasure continues to spawn for a short period of time.

This method is kind of part of using your Royal Hourglass to find treasure but is slightly different since it can only be done when you find Time Rifts around the valley and island. Since you find treasure consistently as long as the rift is active, this is a fairly reliable way to farm lots of Mist.

The player holding their Royal Hourglass and standing by a Time Rift.
They’re very easy to spot. Screenshot by Dot Esports

4) Royal Hourglass hidden treasure

When you use your Royal Hourglass to track down hidden treasure, Mist is one of the many rewards you may pull through time. This isn’t the overall strongest way to gather this resource since you may obtain Mist but you may also obtain other rewards instead like Ancient Cores, Ancient Pipes, Ancient Plates, and other such materials.

To use this method, equip your Royal Hourglass and follow the sand that appears in front of the ring around it. This ring starts off blue but shifts to yellow then gold as you get closer to finding hidden treasure.

The player using their Royal Hourglass tool to find hidden treasure.
Let your Royal Hourglass guide you to some goodies. Screenshot by Dot Esports

5) Splinters of Fate

All around Eternity Isle, you’ll find Splinters of Fate, which are the purple and green rocks growing around this location. These are essentially Eternity Isle’s version of Night Thorns and can be easily cleared using your Dreamlight Magic.

Each time you clear one of these pesky splinters, you receive some kind of reward. Mist is one of many possible drops from this item including Star Coins, seeds, Dreamlight Shards, and other such items. Since there is no guarantee you gain Mist from this activity, it’s not an amazing way to farm it but is still worth doing if you want to use every means you can.

The player holding their hand up to highlight a Splinter of Fate.
These grow everywhere on the island. Screenshot by Dot Esports

6) Eternity Isle quests

Not every quest on Eternity Isle rewards Mist, but many of them do. You can check the rewards for active quests by looking at the very bottom of the quest description.

Quests are generally the slowest way to earn Mist since they have many steps you must go through before the Mist can be claimed and you can usually claim the same amount or more from any of the other methods immediately. But if you’re not trying to get Mist quickly or want to mix up how you gather this resource, then this is a great method to choose.

The rewards for a quest including some Mist.
Quests grant decent Mist rewards, but they’re a lot of work. Screenshot by Dot Esports | Remix by Kacee Fay

The overall best way to farm lots of Mist is to use all of these methods regularly so you can mix up the gathering process without feeling like you solely need to focus on just one. But if you want to quickly obtain lots of it, Dreamlight Duties and Swirling Sand are generally the safest and most efficient choices.

Even if you feel like you have a lot of Mist already gathered, this resource is incredibly important for many expensive endeavors around the island. Because of this, you should always try to keep a healthy stock of Mist and consistently work on tasks capable of gaining more as you can.

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