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A Druid standing in front of the tree in Tur Dulra.
Screenshot by Dot Esports.

Diablo 4 Túr Dúlra Stronghold: Location, how to beat, and all rewards

It's time to unlock your Druid class quest.

If you’re a Druid player like me, you will learn about the Túr Dúlra Stronghold very early into your Diablo 4 run. Finding the location of this area and beating it is a must to complete the class quest Spirits of the Lost Grove, which I was eager to finish and finally give use for the endless number of Druidic Spirit Offerings I gathered until that point.

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While the Túr Dúlra Stronghold will always be a few levels above your character level, it’s totally possible to beat it solo. I did so with my Werebear Druid on level 22 with lots of health, regeneration, and a full belt of potions. Here’s what you need to beat it too. Click on the links below to move to the section that better serves you.

Túr Dúlra Stronghold exact location in Diablo 4

Túr Dúlra is a sub-region in the Scosglen region, north of the world map. If you’re departing from Kyovashad, the main town, it’s a very long walk northwest. I recommend not rushing too much and, before heading to Túr Dúlra, starting the campaign Act 2 quests around this area. They will let you unlock the Firebreak Manor waypoint which is way closer to the stronghold than Kyovashad.

The Menestad Waypoint is also a little closer to Túr Dúlra than Kyovashad, so it’s a good starting point as well.

A Diablo 4 map screenshot of the road from Kyovashad to the Túr Dúlra stronghold.
The road to Túr Dúlra from Kyovashad is long, so don’t rush it. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

How to get inside Túr Dúlra

When you reach the Túr Dúlra Stronghold, you will see its entrance is blocked by vines. That means you have to take a detour by jumping off a few ledges on the right of the entrance, as I show in the video below.

Video by Dot Esports

Once you’re in front of the tree, talk to the spirit to start the brawly part of the stronghold.

How to beat the Túr Dúlra Stronghold in Diablo 4

As with many dungeons in Diablo 4, the Túr Dúlra Stronghold quest asks you to roam around the area to complete subtasks before fighting the final boss. In this case, you must look for three Druid spirits in the stronghold, save them, and fight their Tormented souls to finally free them. The video below shows the path I followed and how I cleared the area.

Video by Dot Esports

You must kill the spirits after talking to them. Avoiding their Tormented form will block your progress.

The spirit of the Wind Druid is north of the burning tree where you start from. You will find two Soul Burners attached to the spirit. Kill them along with the surrounding mobs to interact with the spirit and fight its Tormented form. Bring some form of area damage to help clear out mobs while you target the mini-boss. In my case, I spammed my Druid’s Pulverize to smash everyone.

The spirit of the Poison Druid is east of the burning tree. You actually crossed that area to enter Túr Dúlra if you followed the path I recommended. There’s nothing special about this fight, just repeat the steps above and avoid the poison pools.

The spirit of the Earth Druid is southwest of the tree, and you will find a very handy Healing Well on your way there. Use the ledges to the south to reach the area, kill the Soul Burners and the mobs, talk to the spirit, and kill it. Avoid the Tormented Druid’s earth bursts that show up on the ground by dodging to its back.

Once all three spirits are freed, climb your way back to the tree and get ready for the final boss fight.

How to kill Baelgemoth, Infernal Tormentor in Túr Dúlra Stronghold

Baelgemoth is the final boss of Túr Dúlra. It has three main attacks and one ability:

  • A short mace swing, which is its basic attack.
  • A long mace swing, when it swings its mace with its two hands on the ground in front of it, dealing heavy damage. It stands still while charging this attack.
  • Fire breathing. It stands still while attacking in a cone in front of it.
  • Invisibility. It will eventually go invisible mid-fight. You can still move your mouse to see its outline and hit it with any attacks, and dealing damage will eventually break Baelgemoth’s invisibility.

From my experience killing Baelgemoth, it seems like its attack pattern is three short mace swings, one long mace swing, two short mace swings, and one fire breathing. Then the pattern resets and sometimes, Baelgemoth will go invisible right before performing the long mace swing.

The most important thing to beat Baelgemoth is dodging the long swing and the fire breathing, so keep track of this attack pattern and have your dodge ready. Having some area damage is also good to kill trash mobs that it spawns.

In the video below, I show how I killed Baelgemoth with my Druid.

Video by Dot Esports

Once you defeat the boss, head north and interact with the Wanderer’s Shine to complete the Túr Dúlra stronghold and collect your rewards.

All Túr Dúlra clear rewards and unlocks

Here’s everything you get from clearing Túr Dúlra, which becomes a town with services:

  • Experience (around 30 percent of your bar).
  • Túr Dúlra Waypoint unlock (+20 Scosglen Renown).
  • +100 Scosglen Renown for conquering the stronghold.
  • Access to the Druid class quest Spirits of the Lost Grove.
  • The Healer, Jeweler, and Alchemist services in Túr Dúlra.
  • The side quests The Diviner and Tending Nature
  • Access to the dungeons Underroot (Aspect of the Expectant) and Wretched Delve (Aspect of Static Cling).

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A map screenshot of the Túr Dúlra area in Diablo 4 after you clear the Stronghold.
Túr Dúlra after you clear the stronghold. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

I have a fun fact for those of you who stick to the end. I’m Brazilian, and the pronunciation of “Túr Dúlra” sounds a lot like the Portuguese word for “torture”. I doubt that’s why the name is what it is, but I’d rather believe so. Luckily, clearing the stronghold was no torture at all.

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