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Lilith entering the realm of Hell in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Dot Esports

Diablo 4 Echo of Hatred dungeon location and how to clear it

The final fight of Diablo 4.

If you think the game is over when you have gotten to World Tier four or even reached level 100 in Diablo 4, then you could not be more wrong. While defeating the Torment Capstone Dungeon and reaching level 100 are both huge accomplishments, the Echo of Hatred dungeon is the final leap that players need to take to fully complete Diablo 4.

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The Echo of Hatred dungeon is where the Echo of Lilith lies in wait. After you defeated the main story campaign, text boxes appeared on your screen that explained how Capstone Dungeons, Helltide events, and other endgame loops worked. There was also a box that explained a harder version of Lilith was available once you reached a certain level, however. This version of Lilith is inside the Echo of Hatred dungeon, and if you’ve been looking for it, you can read my guide below to figure out exactly what it entails.

Finding the Echo of Hatred dungeon in Diablo 4

There are some strict requirements to enter the Echo of Hatred and stand any chance of surviving. First and foremost, you need to be playing on World Tier four, which requires you to complete the Torment Capstone Dungeon. Once you’re on World Tier four, you will want to power-level your character.

While you can technically enter the Echo of Hatred dungeon after reaching World Tier four, your character will not be strong enough to get through it in one piece, assuming you’re around level 70. To have a prayer against the Echo of Lilith, your level needs to be around 90, at the least. Of course, if you’re in a full party, you might stand a better chance. I went in as a solo level 82 and got absolutely demolished by Uber Lilith, so I recommend reaching level 90 before trying.

Regardless of what level you are in Diablo 4, you can find the Echo of Hatred dungeon right near the Nevesk Waypoint in Fractured Peaks. This is where you started the game, and it’s fitting that the Echo of Lilith has chosen the location she entered Sanctuary as her final resting place. The Echo of Hatred dungeon is marked as a yellow dungeon directly to the right of the Nevesk Waypoint. It’s in the church that you first encounter the red petals and see Lilith’s first cutscene with the priest and villagers.

A map screenshot of the Echo of Hatred dungeon in Diablo 4
The location of Nevesk and the Echo of Hatred dungeon. | Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to clear the Echo of Hatred dungeon in Diablo 4

You can enter the dungeon by interacting with the red petals on the ground of the burnt-down church. Upon entering the dungeon, you will immediately be challenged by the Echo of Lilith after walking down a long path. Just keep going straight until you reach the boss’ arena, which is called the Throne of Hatred. Lilith will strike down from the ceiling in the middle of the room, so don’t go there or you will risk receiving damage before the fight has even begun.

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I cannot stress how difficult this fight is. It has two phases and any of Lilith’s attacks can kill your character instantly. You want to avoid getting hit at all costs, even if this means you don’t get any attacks off yourself for several seconds. Your dodge button will be your best friend during this fight.

I found that moving behind Lilith when she was attacking was the best way to mitigate any damage I would otherwise take. For other attacks, Lilith will take up a large part of the arena and you need to be on the part of the arena that is not affected. Once again, you need to have extremely quick reaction times when it comes to dodging and moving to safe places. You’ll have time to get in your attacks, but dodging and avoiding damage needs to be your top priority throughout the fight.

If you manage to defeat the Echo of Lilith, you will receive a horse mount called Blood Mount as well as whatever loot the boss drops. Aside from that, you will always have the satisfaction of taking down the toughest boss in all of Diablo 4.

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