When does Destiny 2 maintenance end?

It wasn't in your destiny to play Destiny 2 today.

Image via Bungie

Online titles like Destiny 2 require maintenance from time to time. From bug fixes to introducing new content, developers often need to take down their game in order to improve the overall gaming experience in the long run.

Most maintenance periods don’t take that long, and they’re often scheduled for off-hours when most players are asleep. On rare occasions, maintenance work can take longer than expected, and players usually get notified about such occurrences when they try to launch Destiny 2, or through the game’s social media accounts.

If you were wondering when the most recent Destiny 2 would end, you should check in with the developers’ official blog on the Bungie Help website.

At the time of writing, the most recent Destiny 2 maintenance is scheduled for 3pm CT. This is scheduled maintenance, and players will be able to jump back into the game once it’s over. Some maintenance can also include other Destiny-related services as well.

Once maintenance is over, players may be required to install a new patch with all the new changes or can also normally start logging into the game. These downtimes are necessary to keep the game in top shape since introducing new content can sometimes also cause new bugs and errors.

If you encounter any problems and or bugs after maintenance, make sure to report them to Bungie so they can schedule a fix for it in the next maintenance.