Is Destiny 2 down? Here’s how to check server status

Here's how to see if the Destiny 2 servers are unavailable.

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Two of the biggest obstacles of modern online games are server and connectivity issues. Every game has them and Destiny 2 is no exception. Nothing is more disappointing than expecting to take on the Witch Queen or enter the Deep Stone Crypt and being met with a server error instead.

While some outages are entirely random and difficult to predict, it’s important to know ahead of time if Destiny 2’s servers will be available when scheduling a night of raids or Iron Banner with your friends. Before you can kill some amazing bosses and rack up the loot, you have to be able to log into the game first.

Like all live service games, Destiny 2 and its servers often go under maintenance for extended periods of time. While undergoing maintenance, the game is often unplayable until the work is done on Bungie’s end. Don’t be the person who forgets to check whether the servers will be up on a planned raid night.

Here’s how to check Destiny 2’s server status.

How to check Destiny 2 server status

Season of the Witch key art with three guardians and Eris Morn in the background
Can’t squad up if the servers die. Image via Bungie

Check Bungie’s websites

If you think Destiny 2’s servers are down or you are unable to log in, the first place to look is Bungie’s Destiny Server and Update Status page on the company’s help website.

This page contains the upcoming and current schedule of server maintenance, which is a constant occurrence in Destiny 2. Maintenance is generally performed every week or so. Major patches, updates, or fixes may also require the game to be taken offline for a brief period of time, resulting in the game becoming unplayable for everyone.

While times are not always exact, the schedule on this page should give you an idea of when maintenance should begin and conclude on a given day.

Use Twitter to check for service outages

If nothing is listed on the Server and Update Status Page, it’s possible that there may be a random outage or a sudden problem occurring. In this case, it’s best to head to X, in particular the @BungieHelp account or @Destiny2Team account. If you head over there today, Oct. 17, you’ll notice that the game is currently down due to longer-than-usual maintenance, but it should be back up shortly as it rolls out to all regions.

These accounts post and share almost all issues involving the game: everything from when a weapon is disabled due to an exploit to when there will be planned or unplanned server maintenance that results in connection errors or an unplayable game for an extended period of time.

Give them a follow to keep yourself informed on all potential Destiny problems.

Use Destiny 2’s Down Detector page

Destiny 2 soldiers face off with alien foes
Group up and wait. Image via Bungie

If all else fails, you can also check out Down Detector, a website that reports when servers are down for just about anything. Destiny 2 has its own Down Detector page, which you can find here.

This page will also show what the most reported problems are, which are typically server connections and logins. If you see a large spike in reported outages, it’s likely due to maintenance or a more serious server issue on Bungie’s side.

If none of these sites show any issues with Destiny 2, it might be a platform problem. Check to see if either Steam, Xbox Live, or the PlayStation Network are experiencing any issues.


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