Is Destiny 2 down? Here’s how to check server status

Here's how to see if the Destiny 2 servers are unavailable.

Image via Bungie

Nothing is more disappointing than getting ready to take down Riven or enter the Deep Stone Crypt and being met with a server error.

That’s why it’s important to know ahead of time if and when Destiny 2’s servers will be available when scheduling a night of raids or Iron Banner with your friends. Before you can kill some amazing bosses and rack up the loot, you’ll need to be able to log in to the game first.

Destiny 2 is a complicated game, and as a live service game, its servers often go under maintenance for extended periods of time, making it unplayable until the work is done. Don’t be surprised if you try to log in one night and are met with sadness.

Here’s how to check Destiny 2’s server status.

How to check Destiny 2 server status

Image via Bungie

If you think Destiny 2’s servers are down, the first place to look is Bungie’s Server Update and Status page on its help website. This page has the upcoming and current schedule of server maintenance, which is a frequent occurrence in Destiny. It happens every week or so and the game might be unreachable or certain parts of it unplayable for a while.

Another option is to head to Twitter. If you’re a Destiny player, you should be following @BungieHelp on Twitter. This account will post whenever there’s an issue with the game, everything from when a weapon is disabled due to an exploit to when there will be planned or unplanned server maintenance that makes the game unplayable for a certain amount of time.

If all else fails, you can also check out DownDetector, a website that detects when servers are down for just about anything, including games like Destiny 2. Destiny 2’s DownDetector page can be found here.