How to get Vulpecula in Destiny 2

Ever wanted to create Stasis crystals with a headshot? You can, if you have the perk for it.

Screengrab via Bungie

Season of the Lost added a series of new perks to Destiny 2 and Vulpecula can roll with most of them. This Stasis Hand Cannon is quickly rising into popularity—and for good reason.

Vulpecula has access to a series of new, gimmicky perks such as Adagio or Headstone, and the recent buff to 180rpm Hand Cannons makes it even more deadly. There are a few ways to get Vulpecula in Destiny 2, though some of them may rely on your luck.

Here’s how to get Vulpecula in Destiny 2.

Astral Alignment Offensive

Astral Alignment Offensive is the seasonal activity in Season of the Lost. It’s in the same vein as last season’s Override missions and the reward structure is similar. Players can get their hands on a series of Lost weapons—including Vulpecula—at the end of each run and have the option to spend 150 Parallax Trajectory to get an extra chest.

Although this isn’t necessarily the most guaranteed way to get Vulpecula, it’s one of the most sustainable ones in the long run since every activity completion is a possible chance (or two) at the gun.

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Tracing the Stars I

This quest is one of the kickoffs to the seasonal storyline and activities to come. And, luckily for Guardians who are looking for their own Vulpecula, the Stasis Hand Cannon is a reward for the first part of the quest. Just find all five Atlas Skews and follow the questline to get your own Vulpecula. It’s that simple.

Focusing Umbral Engrams

It’s easy for Guardians all across the Sol System to fill their pockets with Umbral Engrams. The good news is players can quickly focus their excess Engrams to improve their chances at getting Vulpecula.

You can focus an Umbral into an Engram of the Found for a chance at assorted Season of the Lost gear, including armor and weapons. It only costs Legendary Shards, so it’s the best bet if you want to save your Parallax Trajectory.

If you want to improve your chances, you can spend 150 Parallax Trajectory to focus an Umbral into a Tools of the Lost Engram, which will narrow it down to weapons. Without any bonuses to the amount of Trajectory you can get from different activities, it might be best to go with the economic approach early into the season.

For an even more narrow focus, the Prismatic Recaster lets you focus an Umbral into an engram containing either Vulpecula or Wolftone Draw as long as you’ve unlocked the Wayfinder Precision Prismatic Lens.

Focusing an Umbral with that Lens costs 450 Parallax Trajectory. It’s a hefty price increase, but it gives the most bang for your buck if you just want a Vulpecula since it narrows your chance to 50 percent.

If you’ve unlocked the Wayfinder Accuracy Lens, on the other hand, you can spend 600 Parallax Trajectory to guarantee a Wolftone Draw or a Vulpecula, with an extra perk choice in either column. This means players could pick up a Vulpecula that offers them a choice between Outlaw and Shoot to Loot, for instance, then pick up another with an option between Adagio and Headstone, for example. This doesn’t seem to count toward your weekly uses of Tier Three Focusing.