How to get Twitch drops in Destiny 2

You don't need to be Charged With Light to get it.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 fans with a Prime subscription have bothered Amanda Holliday in the Tower for some time now, reaching out to the mechanic for their monthly Prime Gaming loot. Now, though, all guardians can obtain their own Twitch drops just by watching specific Destiny 2 events.

The first event that grants Twitch drops is the Destiny 2 showcase, which will go live on Aug. 23. There, fans will see the upcoming Lightfall expansion and have a glimpse of the game’s 18th season, which kicks off just hours after the showcase. In addition to a treasure trove of information, players can score Twitch drops just by watching the event.

Here’s how to get Twitch drops for Destiny 2.

How to get Destiny 2 Twitch drops

To get Twitch drops for Destiny 2, you’ll need to link your Twitch and Bungie accounts and watch specified events. There’s no need to run playlist activities, obtain currencies, or farm bosses: It’s as simple as watching an event with Twitch drops enabled and having your accounts linked.

For the Destiny 2 showcase event, players will need to watch at least 30 minutes of the broadcast to get their Twitch drops. The event kicks off at 11am CT and runs until 1:30pm CT, so players who watch at least 30 minutes of it can get their Twitch drops on eligible accounts.

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To connect your Bungie and Twitch accounts, log into your Bungie account at the official Bungie website, then head to the account linking page (located under the Settings tab of your account). From there, link the Twitch account you’ll use to watch the showcase to obtain Twitch drops. Players who use the Twitch extension for reaction bounties or gifted sub bounties should already be set up.

Alternatively, if the process isn’t working, you can use the same steps outlined in Bungie’s Twitch extension page. Log into your Twitch account, then watch a streamer who has the official Twitch extension enabled. From there, click the Viewer Bounties tab of the overlay and hit the Grant Permissions button, which will ask you to link your account.

Players who watch the Destiny 2 showcase for at least 30 minutes can get the Starbirth emblem as a Twitch drop. It’s unclear if there will be other chances to obtain this emblem after the showcase ends, so make sure to double-check if your Bungie and Twitch accounts are linked.

Image via Bungie

The Destiny 2 showcase will take place on Twitch, YouTube, and Bilibili. Subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish will also be available in the regional Bungie channels.

Though the Destiny 2 showcase is the first event to host Twitch drops, players can expect the process to remain the same (or at least similar) if Bungie decides to add more drops in the future.