How to get the Zephyr sword in Destiny 2’s Dawning event

This Stasis sword will bring a chill to your enemies' spines.

Image via Bungie

The Dawning 2021 brought Destiny 2‘s first Stasis sword. The Zephyr came back with a new element and a series of perks up its sheath, and it’s up for grabs during the celebrations.

Zephyr can come with the Cold Steel perk, which slows targets with powered hits. As another perk, it can roll Relentless Strikes, Duelist’s Trance, or Tireless Blade, which are solid options to make this sword even more lethal.

Players only have until Jan. 4 to grab their Zephyrs, so here’s how to obtain as many as you’d like, including a curated roll with an Impact masterwork.

How to get the Zephyr in Destiny 2’s Dawning event

The first Zephyr drops as a reward from The Pigeon Provides, a Dawning quest that has players helping Saint-14 bake treats for the Eliksni. This multi-step journey is more than worth it in the end, considering it guarantees a Zephyr—and not just any Zephyr roll.

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Finishing The Pigeon Provides rewards players with the curated roll on Zephyr, which comes with Energy Transfer, Cold Steel, and a maxed-out Impact masterwork. But if this roll isn’t up to your taste (maybe you want Jagged Edge, Swordmaster’s Guard, or a different perk on the first column), there are ways to keep getting more and more copies of the sword.

Dawning weapons can come from Gifts in Return, which players can earn by delivering cookies to any NPC. That formula is filled with RNG, though, and opening one of those gifts could give a different Dawning weapon or even a world drop.

If you have completed The Pigeon Provides, you can spend five Dawning Spirit to focus one of your Gifts into an Edgy Gift, which guarantees either the Zephyr or a Cold Front. Pair it with Eva’s Perky Presents and Perkier Presents, which bring a chance for an additional perk in each column, and you get a decent source of Zephyr rolls as long as you can continue stacking Gifts and Dawning Spirit.