The Pigeon Provides quest guide in Destiny 2

Not sure if the best thing is baking cookies for Eliksni or that Zephyr roll with Cold Steel.

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For Destiny 2‘s Dawning this year, Saint-14 wants to bake cookies for the Eliksni in the Tower—and he deserves a break after the harrowing storylines involving Osiris. Of course, he asks for the Guardian’s help, but there’s more to it than just spreading Dawning cheer in the Tower.

Finishing this quest rewards players with a Masterworked Zephyr with a spicy curated roll. It comes with Cold Steel, a perk that slows enemies with powered sword hits. Of course, getting there is a multi-step process that requires you to stop at several places that range from Europa to the Tangled Shore. Here’s how to complete The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2.

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The Pigeon Provides guide

To kick off this quest, you must have finished the first quest in Season of the Splicer, called The Lost Splicer. If you’ve done that, you can interact with Saint-14 in the Tower to start your journey.

The path for the next part of the quest will bring you to the same spot where you first found Mithrax in Season of the Splicer: a hole by the landing zone in Eventide Ruins. From there, you can pick up the Eliksni recipe, which is the first thing you’ll need. Of course, no recipe is complete without the ingredients—and that’s where the Guardian comes in to do the heavy lifting.

Track down the ingredients for Swaddled Etherdips

This recipe doesn’t work like most Dawning recipes and the ingredients you need for it will drop from specific (and unique) sources. For Swaddled Etherdips, you’ll need Pure Ether Extract, Harpy Eggs, and five nodes of Glacial Starwort. Luckily for players, the game says precisely where to find each.

  • Pure Ether Extract (three required): Obtained from Lost Sector completions in Europa. If you want some extra XP on the side, take advantage of Variks’ weekly bounty, which has the same requirement.
  • Harpy Eggs (10 required): Drops from Vex Harpies. Perdition, the Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge, has plenty of Harpies, which make it a good way to kill two birds with one stone.
  • Glacial Starwort (five required): Found across all of Europa, including in Lost Sectors. Use the resource detection mods on your Ghost to pinpoint their location more easily. These have to be collected from nodes, and players can’t use their own stock.

After grabbing all of those, you’ll need to collect 15 Dawning Spirit to buy Kellsdough from Spider on the Tangled Shore. Dawning Spirit drops from Eva Levante’s bounties and delivering gifts. If you have a fully upgraded Starfarer 7M, though, you can equip it to get a chance of receiving Dawning Spirit each time you obtain a Dawning ingredient, which happens often.

With the Dawning Spirit in hand, you’ll need to go to Spider on the Tangled Shore and buy the Kellsdough from him for 15 Dawning Spirit. You’ll also need to grab five Etheric Spirals, which will pop up quickly if you go around the Tangled Shore with the proper Ghost mod equipped.

Deliver the treats

After you’ve gone through all this effort to bake the cookies, it’s time to hand them in. Talk to Saint-14, then head to the Eliksni Wing through its node in the H.E.L.M. to deliver the treats. You can hand them in to any Eliksni in the vicinity—and there’s plenty of them. After that, go back to Saint-14 to inform him of the news, then go back to Eva to claim your reward.

“You know, Guardian,” she says, “I think this may be the best Dawning yet.” And after giving treats to Eliksni and getting a Stasis sword, Eva Levante may be right after all.