How to get Kindling in Destiny 2’s Solstice

It'll be a core part of your loop if you want to get high-stat armor.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s Solstice kicked off its 2022 edition with a shorter name and a new formula. This year, players will return to the European Aerial Zone (EAZ), but with the same glows, a lot less hunting for chests, and a lot more opportunities for high-stat armor.

The core of Solstice 2022 revolves around the Bonfire Bash, the new seasonal activity that will be available until Aug. 9. This is a key component for turning your resources into other, more useful resources which you’ll use to improve your armor.

The loop for this Solstice involves obtaining Silver Leaves, a resource obtained from completing activities with seasonal armor. Finishing the Bonfire Bash will convert Silver Leaves into Silver Ash, which is then used to reroll armor.

Before you can reroll your stats into higher rolls, however, you’ll need the event-exclusive Kindling. Kindling lets you improve your armor, allowing you to get better rolls and to get the Solstice glows you need for it.

How to get Kindling in Destiny 2‘s Solstice

Kindling drops only from finishing the Solstice challenges in the new event pass. You can check out which ones are available through the Quests tab on your Director. The challenges are akin to seasonal challenges, though are easier to finish. Each time you complete a challenge, you can claim it from the Event Pass screen to receive a Kindling and an Event Ticket.

There are 24 event challenges in total, and players can finish them until the Solstice ends on Aug. 9. Most of them are related to the Bonfire Bash, though players who want the full 24 Kindling will need to dive into other playlist activities, kill enemy Guardians, and even dive into the Blind Well or Dares of Eternity.

How to improve armor with Kindling in Destiny 2

After you’ve obtained Kindling, you can use it to kindle your armor. Kindling works just like adding a mod to your armor, with the amount of Kindling used indicating its level. The first time you upgrade it (at the cost of one Kindling), the game will let you add Small Embers to your armor, forcing a reroll. The next step after that is a Large Kindling, which costs two Kindling and allows you to reroll your armor again. Kindling an armor piece will also apply to all Candescent armor in the same slot.

The last step is a full Rekindle, which consumes three Kindling.

This is the max level your armor can get, and reaching it will make your armor glow. It will also allow you to reroll your armor with a Spark, guaranteeing you at least 20 in a stat of your choice. This stacks with the Armorer mod on your Ghost for maximum focusing.

Kindling will be a core part of the Solstice loop, so players should aim to complete the challenges as they run through the three weeks of the event—and snag some high-stat armor while they’re at it.