All Calus bobbleheads for the ‘#1 Fan’ triumph in Destiny 2

"He's so ugly, I love him!"

Screengrab via Bungie

When fans heard the Leviathan was back, guardians expected a return of the Menagerie weapons, but not many expected to see little bobblehead versions of Calus spread out around the area. With the Derelict Leviathan in Season of the Haunted, players have another set of collectibles to chase, just like the Lucent Moths in The Witch Queen.

If players head to the Crown of Sorrow part of the H.E.L.M. and look to the left side of the room, they’ll see a small display area where they can showcase their bobbleheads. Much like the Lucent Moths, players can find a note that says “a likeness of Calus can be found” in specific areas of the Derelict Leviathan. Of course, players familiar with Calus’ opulence and megalomania didn’t expect his likeness to be far more adorable than they should be.

These Calus bobbleheads are up for grabs in specific areas of the Derelict Leviathan and sometimes in Sever missions as well, so players should keep an eye out for them if they’re looking to snatch the trophy. Like the Lucent Moths, more of them will appear each week, and the notes in the H.E.L.M. will give you an idea of where to look.

Here are all the Calus bobbleheads we’ve found so far.

All Calus bobbleheads for the #1 Fan triumph in Destiny 2

Pleasure Gardens

From the Castellum, take the entrance that leads straight to the Pleasure Gardens. This bobblehead will be behind the large statue of Calus, just across the room from where you went in. Alternatively, if you made it through the Royal Pools entrance, the large statue will be ahead of you and to the left. Move behind it to find this bobblehead waiting for you.

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To find the entrance to the Pleasure Gardens, look for the area with golden statues on top of it, being held by columns. From the spawn, it’s almost straight ahead of you and a bit to your right. From the boss’ spot at the end of Nightmare Containment, just look around to your left.

Screengrab via Bungie

Royal Pools

You’re looking for the room that leads to the passage to the Pleasure Gardens. If you came in from the Pleasure Gardens, make a left and go to the back of the room. If you entered from the Castellum, however, your objective will be ahead of you and to the right.

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You’re looking for a hidden hole on the ground in the back of that room. Go inside, then follow the tunnels until you reach what looks like a control room. Look for another tunnel and go until the end to find this Calus bobblehead. Once you’re in, this one’s easy to spot: its purple eyes glow against the dark background.


This one requires a bit of luck. At the end of each Nightmare Containment activity, you’ll see a message that two lockdown protocols were lifted, which normally lets players open a few specific doors around the Castellum by activating a lever next to them. The door you’re looking for is to the left of the spawn, or across the room and on the right if you’re at the part of it where the boss battle takes place.


This one is available in Sever—Shame, the weekly mission. When you get to the part where you’re facing a large electric wall that you have to deactivate, jump around the beams and ledges in the area to find a walkway high above you. There’s another bobblehead there.


This Calus Bobblehead is close to where you can find the first Calus Automaton in Sever—Shame. In Reconciliation, start the mission as normal, then enter the vents. When you come out, head to the far right side of the room, where the Automaton would be, then look for a vent on the wall nearby. Head in and this bobblehead will be in a duct on your left.


Set down the first Ritual Amplifier and go through the door that just opened ahead of you. Instead of taking the right towards the electrified room, make a left and look behind a crate in the small alcove to find this bobblehead.


This bobblehead is right before you head into the boss room. After placing the last Ritual Amplifier, you’ll go into an engine room. When you reach a small ledge, look to your right. You’ll find the glowing eyes of this Calus Bobblehead above and to your right, and you might even spot its glint when you’re making the jump to the ledge.


This bobblehead can be elusive, and that’s before you take into account the colossal Nightmare that follows you around in this area. After you’ve placed down the first Ritual Amplifier and disabled the electric current, drop down on the path you just opened and you’ll land in an area called Ventilator. This area has another Unrelenting Nightmare hunting you down and you can take it out by incinerating it.

The bobblehead is below a catwalk leading into the incineration room. From where you spawn, go ahead and take the first left. You’ll see a catwalk leading to some Egregore Spores with a glowing purple substance near them. Look below the catwalk to find this Calus bobblehead.