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All Dead Island 2 legendary weapons and how to get them

It's time to upgrade your arsenal.

Dead Island 2 offers you a variety of weapons and guns to slay zombies with, but none of them quite hold a candle to the game’s legendary weapons.

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There are many legendary weapons to unlock in Dead Island 2, each boasting a suitably cool name and a lot of power. Want to know what all the Dead Island 2 legendary weapons are and how you can unlock them? Read on.

All Dead Island 2 legendary weapons

WeaponHow to Get
Emma’s WrathComplete the Hollywood Ending quest.
Big ShotComplete the side quest It’s Not Your Fault.
Blood RageComplete the Lost and Found Fool’s Gold side quest.
The BrutalizerComplete the side quest Body Art.
The OneComplete the Beacon of Hope quest after finishing the main storyline.
BodycountComplete the Lost and Found quest [REDACTED] after finishing the main storyline.
KrakatoaComplete the Missing: Steve quest after finishing the main storyline.
Party StartersComplete the Drunk and Disorderly Lost and Found quest after finishing the main storyline.

How to get Emma’s Wrath in Dead Island 2 

If you prefer a chunkier weapon, you’ll probably like Emma’s Wrath. This legendary sledgehammer is rewarded to those who complete the Hollywood Ending quest, the game’s final story quest. As this weapon is rewarded for completing Dead Island 2’s campaign, you simply need to progress through the main story.

With this shotgun/sledgehammer in your hands, successfully landing a counter or skull stomp on the zombie will prime the weapon, when primed, hitting a zombie with Emma’s Wrath will trigger a shotgun blast. This is a great weapon for one-on-one combat.

How to get the Big Shot in Dead Island 2

The Big Shot is a legendary revolver that can be obtained by completing the side quest It’s Not Your Fault. You can pick up this quest from Luciana in Emma Gaunt’s house in Bel-Air but may need to have completed the main campaign for it to be available.

The Big Shot fires three bullets, each of which explodes, making it perfect for clearing out larger groups of zombies.

How to get the Blood Rage in Dead Island 2 

The Blood Rage legendary knife takes a few steps to obtain, but it’s absolutely worth it. You can get it by completing the Lost and Found Fool’s Gold side quest, a kind of treasure hunt you can start by killing a Crusher called Dante you can find outside the Lifeguard Headquarters in Santa Monica. When you kill Dante, he drops “A Totally Legit Letter” journal that will start you on your treasure hunt, though he may not spawn until you complete the Blood Drive quest.

This knife is a great weapon for more precise slayers, as it rewards landing critical hits in quick succession with critical damage and bleed damage. It’s the perfect instrument for hitting zombies in their weak spots.

How to get The Brutalizer in Dead Island 2

This legendary (and aptly named) machete is obtained by completing the side quest Body Art, which is unlocked after you complete the main story quest Giant Slayer and the side quest The Ballad of Rikky Rex. You’ll be able to pick up the Body Art quest from Francesca, who is in the house nearest the Bel-Air exit in Beverly Hills.

This extremely cool machete is also super sharp, making it perfect for ripping and tearing through zombies swiftly.

How to get The One in Dead Island 2

To get this legendary sword, you need to complete the Beacon of Hope quest. This quest can be picked up from Sebastian, who is in the Re-Ageing Clinic in Hollywood Boulevard. You may not be able to pick it up until the campaign is complete, however,

This claymore, based on the Highlander sword, is perfect for lobbing off zombie heads. In fact, doing so causes a forceful explosion and sees you regaining health and stamina. 

How to get the Bodycount in Dead Island 2

Last, but certainly not least is the Bodycount legendary assault rifle. To obtain this gun, you need to complete the Lost and Found quest [REDACTED]. The [REDACTED] quest is triggered by picking up the [REDACTED] journal, which is dropped when you kill Lieutenant Ford in the military base to the west of Venice Beach (he’s usually in the tent that contains the lockbox). Lieutenant Ford may not appear until after you finish the main campaign, however.

This weapon is definitely for the bloodthirsty, as it inflicts some serious bleed damage on enemies.

How to get the Krakatoa in Dead Island 2

For those who like to make a big impact, the Krakatoa is a must-have. You can get this legendary axe by completing the Missing: Steve quest after completing the main story. In this quest, you will visit the Sterling Hotel in Ocean Avenue and help Steve find his leading stars.

The Krakatoa is truly special: it has the Superior Melee Cremator Mod and creates fuel on the ground for even more fiery chaos. This makes it a fantastic weapon for area denial, as well as for dealing with large groups of zombies.

How to get the Party Starters in Dead Island 2

If you’re a fan of fiery combat, then the Party Starters are for you. You can obtain these legendary brass knuckles by completing the Drunk and Disorderly Lost and Found quest after completing the main story. The quest involves a series of steps, including finding a phone in the bathroom on the first floor of the Sterling Hotel on Ocean Avenue and killing several named zombies.

Once you have the Party Starters, you can set zombies ablaze with each punch. If you kill a zombie with a heavy attack, you’ll become resistant to fire.

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