Twitch streamer gets banned after receiving fellatio on stream

Weird flex, but okay.

Image via Twitch

Another Twitch streamer got the banhammer today because of an indecent act in a recent broadcast.

A streamer named “etole11” could be seen having oral sex with a woman while he was streaming earlier today. Noises of the act could be heard but not seen in a video clip as he held his partner’s hair (viewer discretion is advised). Her head could also be seen nodding up and down below his torso, suggesting that he was receiving oral sex.

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When a donator asked if his lady friend was “giving him head” on stream, etole11 denied it. “Nah, that’s against terms and policies, obviously,” he said. Etole11 and his partner smiled into the camera with dazed looks, as if they were both under the influence of an unknown illicit substance.

Hours after the clip went viral on Reddit, Etole11’s channel was banned. He now joins the graveyard of channels who’ve been banned for violating Twitch’s terms of service and policies related to sexual content.