Here are some of the most interesting Twitch streamers you need to start watching

From drum players to scam baiters, there's a lot more than gamers on Twitch.

Image via Twitch

When you think about Twitch streamers, some of the most popular channels and personalities on the website probably immediately come to mind. While Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm, and Saquib “LIRIK” Zahid are some of the most talented streamers on Twitch, their content seldom deviates from playing popular games. Next time you log on to watch your favorite streamer, you may want to consider doing a little exploring—there’s a lot of hidden gems on the platform.

If you’ve been on Twitch for any length of time, you know the content possibilities are endless. With a wide range of categories for artists, podcast hosts, and even ASMR, there’s a place for everyone on Twitch—even if you don’t play games. Here are five Twitch streamers who have gone off the beaten path and developed unique channels on the platform.

While this list barely scratches the surface of unique Twitch streamers, it’ll give you a feel for the variety of streamers on the site. So, before you head to your favorite Fortnite streamer, take a look at one of these streamers—their content might just keep you coming back.

5) CrystalSaver—speedrunner

When “CrystalSaver” isn’t trying to complete a game as quickly as possible, he’s trying to finish them in the most difficult way. He primarily focuses on the Zelda series, having speedrun through most of the games with different parameters set. In addition to Zelda speedruns, he’s also played through Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils multiple times.

Perhaps the most fascinating part about CrystalSaver is his ability to play through games completely blindfolded. Earlier this year, he was the first person in the world to complete a full runthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild while totally blindfolded. It took him nearly 104 hours to complete and he performed all of it on stream as proof. At this point, he’s completed over half a dozen games while blindfolded.

4) The8BitDrummer—drummer

Jerod “The8BitDrummer” Collins began streaming in 2015 and has since grown into one of the most popular drummers on the platform. His streams are always high energy with lots of positivity surrounding video game music and drumming. He’s been drumming for over nine years and came to Twitch with the goal of spreading his love for music and the drums.

The majority of The8BitDrummer’s streams involve him taking song requests from viewers and playing them on stream. Typically, the music is centered around video game theme songs or various electronic artists. Additionally, The8BitDrummer hosts many charity streams for various organizations, like Make-A-Wish America, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and West Virginia Red Cross. So far, he’s raised over $32,000 for charity.

3) Lara6683—piano player

Much like The8BitDrummer, Lara “Lara6683” de Wit is a musician who predominantly streams herself playing the piano. She’s an Australian streamer who started on the platform in 2017. Since then, she’s gone on to become one of the most popular piano streamers on Twitch.

During her streams, she often plays music from video games or takes requests from her viewers. Another unique part of Lara6683’s streams is her “live learns.” During her live learns, Lara6683 takes any suitable song requests and attempts to learn them on the spot. This has created some incredible moments, like the time Lara6683 picked up “Through the Fire and Flames” within minutes.

2) johnotone—geocaching and metal detector

Watching “johnotone” is like participating in a treasure hunt. Typically he’s looking for interesting trinkets with his metal detector or hunting for geocaches.

Living in New York, johntone has a diverse environment to explore. From looking along river banks to investigating ancient sites, he’s discovered a wide range of objects. If the weather is clear, you’ll most likely find johnontone online and hunting for whatever he can find.

1) Kitboga—scam baiter

Everyone has received a scam phone call before, but “Kitboga” makes it his priority to call as many as he can. Rather than just hang up, he makes it his goal to see just how far he can string scammers along all while streaming it live on Twitch. Kitboga is a master of disguise, often creating fake personalities to speak to scammers with. With characters ranging from an old, delinquent grandmother to someone with a heavy country accent, Kitboga walks the line between tormenting the scammers and still keeping them invested in scamming him.

Additionally, Kitboga is a computer coder and he creates various scripts and applications to further frustrate scammers. Through his stream, he raises awareness for scam phone calls while providing an entertaining stream environment. During some scam calls, Kitboga lets the chat decide different techniques that he’ll use to bait the scammers.