Streamer shreds “Through The Fire and Flames” first time on piano

If Piano Hero was a thing, this would be on expert mode.

Image via Twitch

For some, “Through The Fire and Flames” by DragonForce may have taken countless hours to perfect in the Guitar Hero series. Largely considered the hardest song to play in Guitar Hero, reaching nearly 200 BPM, it’s rare to find someone who can feasibly play the song. But for Lara “Lara6683” de Wit, it only took a few minutes to master the song on the piano.

Lara6683 is an Australian musician who started streaming in 2017. Her streams typically feature her playing the piano and taking song requests. While she can play most styles of music, her stream focuses primarily on video game music. Yesterday, someone requested that she attempt DragonForce’s infamous power metal song. Lara6683 didn’t know about the song, but she took on the challenge.

After listening through parts of the song, Lara6683 quickly picked up the melody. Once the song hit the chorus, Lara6683 began playing her rendition of the song—which is extremely accurate for only having listened to half the song. Within three minutes of hearing the song, Lara6683 was able to play an impressive piano rendition.

Lara6683 is known for her mastery of the piano, having done other amazing feats in the past like playing a massive melody of requested songs without stopping for close to an hour and a half. While mastering “Through The Fire and Flames” might not be the most impressive accomplishment Lara6683 has performed on stream, Guitar Hero fans may feel otherwise.